Rewind to 2018: Top 20 Stories That Strengthened the Merger of Fashion With Technology

Last year, the merger of fashion with technology introduced us to good, bad and mind-blowing technology designed to change the fashion industry for the better. Here are the top 20 stories that trended on in 2018.

There is no denying that the merger of fashion with technology is gaining momentum with every passing year. 2018, was the year that we saw the strength of the partnerships between fashion brands and technology innovators grow and become key in bringing fashion tech products to the mainstream. Looking back, here are some of our top 20 stories of 2018:

(1) The Sustainable Fashion Ecomm Playbook, Striving For Convenience

(2) 5 Popular Crowdfunding Campaigns That Successfully Enticed Backers in 2018

(3) SKIINCore’s Knitwear Introduces Intelligent Heat That Learns And Adapts To Wearer

SKIINCore by Myant
SKIINCore by Myant

(4) A Multiple-Partner Collaboration Designs Functional Smart Jacket With Warmth on Demand

(5) Assistive Technology Start-up BrightSign, Gives Voice To Those Who Cannot Speak

(6) Vollebak On Pushing Graphene Tech And Building Clothes That No-one Will

Image credit: Vollebak

(7) These Five Women in Fashion Are Using Algorithms For Good

(8) Revolutionary Swings Hearables Offering Fashionable Functionality

(9) Ganit Goldstein, Bridging Modern Manufacturing Technology With Traditional Fashion Design

Ganit Goldstein

(10) Lessons That You Need To Learn From 7 Fashion Tech Startups That Failed

(11) 5 Sustainable Textile Startups Embracing Radical Innovation To Create the Future Of Fabrics Today

(12) From Seaweed to Fiber, Is Biology The Future Of Fashion?

AlgiKicks| Photo Credit: Forbes

(13) The Mycelium Shoe, Challenging The Usual Conventions Of Footwear

(14) Can VR Be A Tool In Teaching Sustainability Practices In Fashion Education?

(15) Wearable Subgenre Cyberpunk Explores The Relationship Between Humans and Tech

These purple earphones are priced at $453.

(16) Seriously, Knowledge Is Power As Experts Share Valuable Startup Experience

(17) 10 Wearable Tech Accessories That You Won’t Be Embarrassed To Own

(18) Sneaker Tech, 10 Perfect Gimmicks That Have Kept Brands Ahead Of The Competition 

MIT have taken existing material systems and programmed them to change shape and properties.

(19) Artificial Intelligence, The “Brain Power” Behind Next Generation Smart Textiles

(20) Nanogy, The Most Environmentally Friendly Heating Technology on the Market?

What are your thoughts? Did you have a favourite story that you read on Feel free to share with us. Otherwise, here is to more exciting innovation in 2019.

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