Wearable Subgenre Cyberpunk Explores The Relationship Between Humans and Tech

What is Cyberpunk? Think computer hackers, dystopian cities and electrical wires merged as one.

We recently discovered Cyberpunk, an intersection where wearable technology meets art. The subgenre usually features computer technology dominating futuristic urban societies. Think films like The Matrix, Ghost in a Shell or Ridley Scott’s 1982 Blade Runner. They are movies that have rocked the cyberpunk concept.

This mask is one of the few pieces listed for sale on Japanese online pop culture site Otaku Mode for

Emulating Fantastical Cyberpunk Wear

A growing niche in Japanese culture, Cyberpunk’s most recent piece was by Japanese artist Hiroto Ikeuchi. When you explore his unique designs you’ll find clusters of plastic, circuit boards, and electrical wiring. Ikeuchi’s work usually consists of functioning objects modified to emulate fantastical Cyberpunk wear which takes the shape of masks, headsets, goggles, earphones and dioramas.

Hiroto Ikeuchi in his atelier (Photo credit: toco toco)

When it comes to understanding his computer technology work, Ikeuchi was inspired by William Gibson’s 1984 novel “Neuromancer.” It is a book that is credited with kicking the cyberpunk genre into high gear. My favourite piece has to be Ikeuchi’s mask, which extends beyond VR gear and into masks and spectacles. Priced $2,056, the mask includes earmuffs and a respirator.

Computer Technology
These purple earphones are priced at $453.

As exciting as all of this is, if you are wondering whether these cyberpunk style apocalyptic gadgets will actually catch on, the good news is that they already have. Ikeuchi’s designs have been used as a prop for an oil painting done by Japanese artist Hiroki Yamamoto, featured in various editorial photoshoots and starred in a music video by Japanese artist Toriena. So if you are intrigued by these wearable works of art, then you would be happy to know that you can invest in these functional cyberpunk dystopia pieces which are listed for sale on Japanese online pop culture site Otaku Mode.

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