Munich Fabric Start Recap: Narrated Through the Voices of Attendees.

This season, the MUNICH FABRIC START event, served as a dynamic platform for professionals from diverse facets of the fashion world, enabling them to share their insights, showcase their groundbreaking work, and engage in meaningful dialogues about shaping the future of fashion.

With so much activity packed into a two day event, here is a roundup of some of the event’s highlights, narrated through the experiences of those who attended:

When it comes to Resilience and Achievement Anna Franziska Michel , CEO & Co-Founder at, echoed the sentiment of triumph and gratitude as she recounted her experience as an exhibitor, panelist, and speaker in Munich Fabric Start’s innovation hub, the KEYHOUSE. “The overwhelming feedback and warm interactions at the event were a true reflection of the collective spirit and dedication that drives the industry forward”.

Muchaneta ten Napel with Anna Franziska Michel

On Bridging Circular Fashion and Community Engagement, Nicola Eibich , Founder of M-EASURE , highlighted that it was great to Munich Fabric Start highlighting the fight against clothing waste. For Eibich, amplifying discussions and meaningful collaborations, like the Re-Vogue Ventures initiative developed with WKS Textilveredlungs-GmbH, underscored the event’s commitment to fostering circularity in fashion.

This season, when it came to Amplifying Voices of Change Claudia Mynott, the Marketing & Communications Director at Munich Fabric Start, successfully used the power of storytelling to amplify the voices of innovation that serve as a beacon for actionable strategies and sustainable solutions showcasing in the KEYHOUSE, and beyond.

When it comes to Fostering Collaboration and Innovation Romain Narcy 🌍 – support in setting up textile recycling centers, Founder at Rematters – Textile Recycling Solutions, described MUNICH FABRIC START’s #BlueZone as a dynamic powerhouse for fostering change. His experience this season was that he was given an opportunity to bring together industry leaders and innovators, such as Laura Vicaria and Nicolas Prophte.

Celebrating Proud Moments and Collective Achievements, the Trimco Group shared insights shared on circularity, design, and branding elements were a source of inspiration, echoing the event’s ethos of learning, sharing, and inspiring. The panel discussions, that featured Camilla Mjelde, Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe and Johanna Stemberger dived into circularity and branding in textiles, underlining the importance of sustainable practices and innovation.

Muchaneta ten Napel with Camille Mjelde, Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe and Johanna Stemberger.

When it comes to Spotlighting on Leadership and Sustainability, Lauren Bartley, the Chief Sustainability Officer at Ganni A/S who was interviewed on stage underscored the pivotal role of innovation and collaboration in shaping the circular economy of tomorrow. She emphasised how the power of collective effort and the industry’s commitment to sustainability and responsible fashion could bring sustainable solutions to fruition.

Lastly, from my perspective, the KEYHOUSE, which is a hub where visionaries and disruptors come to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for the fashion industry’s unveiled how innovative strategies, aimed at reshaping the fashion landscape can be done sustainably and creatively if we all work collectively.

Muchaneta ten Napel with Lauren Bartley

To conclude, Munich Fabric Start’s latest edition was more than just an event for the textile industry; it was a celebration of resilience, innovation, and collective progress. The stories and reflections shared by attendees underline the industry’s unwavering commitment to fostering change, embracing sustainability, and building a future where fashion and creativity flourish in harmony with our planet.