The Reality of Augmented Missteps: Fashion’s Tryst with AR Filters.

Decoding the Disconnect: Why Some Fashion Brands Struggle with AR?

Have Fashion Brand Failed with AR Filters?

The fusion of technology and fashion, two dynamically evolving industries, has always been a focal point of innovation. Augmented Reality (AR), a groundbreaking frontier in this synthesis, promised a seamless integration of the digital and tangible realms. Snapchat, always at the cutting-edge, introduced their AR Enterprise Services (ARES) with fanfare, aiming to redefine the consumer experience in the fashion landscape. Yet, against the backdrop of soaring expectations, SNAP INC.’s abrupt discontinuation of ARES left the industry in shock. The pressing question looms: Did the very fashion brands, poised to benefit the most from this innovation, inadvertently hasten its demise?