Industry Catalyst has gained a global following from an audience in search of indispensable news. Required reading for those addicted to the fashion tech, IoT and wearable space, FashNerd appeals to not only early adopters but also to those unfamiliar but curious about where wearable technology is headed.

Insider Perspective

Founded January 2015 by Muchaneta Kapfunde and Mano ten Napel, is one of the fastest growing digital magazines writing about fashion technology. Driven to translate technology in a fashion voice, FashNerd is unique because its foundation is based on the need to start an open conversation, whilst also giving people a platform to communicate and engage with an audience interested in what they have to say.

Our Purpose

To inform and educate using a voice that represents more than just one perspective. We do not seek to shape your opinion, but instead we want to arm you with knowledge so you can approach the ever evolving fashion tech space with an open mind.

Independent Voice

Looking to build a network of conversationalists making their mark in the world of disruptive technologies, we look forward to continuing being one of the leading voices that educates and informs a niche audience on the merger of fashion and technology.

Our Content

We like to represent diverse viewpoints. We achieve this through our talented writers who all translate the merger very differently. We encourage our contributors and guest authors to use as their very own platform where they can captivate a ready-made audience interested in what they have to say.