Yes, Brands Can Be The Key That Open Doors to the Metaverse

Ready for a one of a kind experience that uses the traditional fashion retail experience to transport shoppers into the Metaverse?

Jonathan Koon, founder of luxury fashion brand Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit, have teamed up with Highstreet so they can guide the crypto unfamiliar customer base of the world’s leading fashion retailers into Web3 culture.

Loon explains that every Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit physical garment in its latest collection is embedded with an NFT.  To redeem it, Highstreet has infused a key into every 8-Bit garment in this drop via a QR code sewn into the garment.  By scanning this code, the user is taken through a few steps that will digitally clone the shopper along with their purchased 8-Bit apparel into the Highstreet metaverse. Once there, users will be granted $HIGH tokens, the native currency of the Highstreet Metaverse.

“With this launch, we aim to welcome more traditional, non-blockchain consumers to the Web3 world. To allow consumers to experience the energy and new possibilities in Web3 culture, without needing to already possess the complex knowledge of navigating Web3 tech,” explained Koon.

Jenny Guo, Co-founder of Highstreet adds:”Department stores around the world are becoming the key that opens the doors to the Highstreet metaverse. Every step of the process is based on something we all already do: buying physical products we already love.”

It is worth noting that shoppers can also establish a permanent record of their ownership of this drop by minting their apparel into NFT’s.

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