From Seaweed to Fiber, Is Biology The Future Of Fashion?

AlgiKnit is creating durable yet rapidly degradable yarns, which leaves us wondering, is this biomaterial company onto something?

Is biology the future of fashion? Well, Algiknit seems to think so. The biomaterials company has been developing biomaterials that can play a key role in the future of sustainable manufacturing.

AlgiKicks| Photo Credit: Forbes

Addressing the ecological damage caused by the fashion industry, Algiknit is looking to make an impact by operating in a closed loop product lifecycle that will bring sustainable bio-based textile alternatives to the footwear and apparel industries.

“Algiknit is looking to make an impact by operating in a closed loop product lifecycle.”

By utilising materials with a significantly lower environmental footprint than conventional textiles, the early stage biomaterials startup is focusing on transforming the apparel ecosystem with rapidly renewable bio-based textiles. One of these materials is Kelp. It is one of the fastest growing organisms on earth – up to 10 times faster than bamboo. “Kelp is grown in aquatic farms around the world in coastal communities, often by fishermen and women, providing income during the fishing off-season,” states their site.

Knit swatch | Photo Credit: Algiknit

One of the benefits of Kelp is that it improves the environment by absorbing nutrients from agricultural and sewer run-off that can alter coastal environments. This recaptures nutrients for the next generation of biomaterials. Also, Algiknit’s biopolymer is completely customisable.

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Recently, they announced their participation in the 2018 RebelBio Accelerator program in London UK. Having also been chosen for Plug and Play Fashion for Good Accelerator Program we look forward to catching up with the NY startup at the Fashion For Good HQ in Amsterdam this week. More news on this innovative company to follow.

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