SeaCell, Quasi-Medicinal Sustainable Fabric Made of Seaweed

Is seaweed a realistic and worthwhile addition to cellulose fibres for fabric? Or is it best left in the ocean ecosystem?

First whispered in 2012, SeaCell, an innovative, progressive and sustainable material, is still making waves when it comes to sustainable materials. The yarn is derived from seaweed, and blended with cotton and spandex. Easily described as quasi-medicinal, the eco-fabric brags properties that not only protect the skin but also absorbs nutrients.

Sustainable Fabric
FTC Cashmere created SeaCell cashmere with an eye to sustainability the algae is harvested carefully and sustainably.

This Sustainable Fabric Absorbs Sweat Faster Than Cotton

The skin-friendly yarn is made up of cellulose mixed with seaweed. With silver added to it for enhanced anti-microbial, the wearable fabric is breathable, light and blends well with other types of fibres. Made from brown algae called Ascophyllum nodossum and manufactured in the same way as lyocell, SeaCell absorbs sweat faster than cotton, making it suitable for active wear, underwear and infant clothing.

Sustainable Fabric

So how is the soft and supple fabric sustainable? Well, the sustainability lies mainly in the biodegradable fabric being manufactured in a way that follows sustainable practices and it conforms to the Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100.

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Giving us pause for thought is the Nano finishing techniques used on SeaCell. This is a problem because if the particles enter wastewater, they can accumulate in bio solids and potentially affect soil-dwelling microorganisms. With previous chatter about how the fabric only has five percent of seaweed has amazingly not put consumers off the VitaSea clothing. Shop the ultra-soft fabric HERE.

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