5 Popular Crowdfunding Campaigns That Successfully Enticed Backers in 2018

Proving to be more than just a hyped up product, these 5 in-demand Wearable Tech devices managed to surpass their goal in 2018.

This year, there hasn’t been a lack of success stories from startups who ran successful crowdfunding campaigns. Some even managed to be funded in a matter of minutes, we are talking to you Soundbrenner! Popular and in-demand, it has been quite nice to see that wearable technology, as a growing space, still has the power to entice backers, especially since a successful campaign doesn’t necessarily guarantee an actual product. Of the many campaigns that were launched this year, here are 5 of our favourite wearable tech devices that surpassed their goal in 2018.

Muse Smartwatch
$140,651 pledged of $ 35000 goal by 699 backers

Muse Smartwatch

The Muse Watch, a beautiful hybrid smartwatch, is powered by smart movement technology. Boasting features like UV alert, Automatic Activity Recognition, Muse pay, sleep tracking and a Resting Heart rate (RHR) Monitor, the smartwatch also comes with Muse AI a powerful mobile platform with a beautiful and easy to use chat interface.

Unlike other hybrid watches, where smart notifications are printed in small text, the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch comes with a 3.5 mm diameter window through which notification icons are clearly visible. Also, the straps are interchangeable, which means that you can add leather or Milanese straps.

RocketBody AI Wearable Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist
$70,243 pledged of $30,000 goal by 575 backers

RocketBody AI Wearable Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist

RocketBody AI, a wearable fitness trainer and nutritionist, is a personal wearable that tracks metabolic rate and identifies super-compensation. Designed to react to your body in real time, the device can give you an accurate and balanced plan for every day. Y

I quite like the fact that you can set your favourite foods on the RocketBody app, and it will count the necessary calories and macros for you. It does this by using AI technology, which helps RocketBody build a unique nutrition plan that fits your life.

Vela HRV + SpO2 Smartwatch
$69,600 raised by 1317 backers

Vela HRV + SpO2 Smartwatch

Vela is a personal health and fitness coach. Redefining wellness and fitness by providing an affordable and data-driven smartwatch for everyone, the Vela smartwatch has been designed to help you take control of your wellness and push your fitness further.

Features include proactive HRV and SpO2 measurement, sleep analysis and advanced algorithm. Also; with its proactive heart rate variability and blood oxygen monitor, Vela combines fitness tracking, and personal health to help you keep your heart health on track, manage your stress and monitor your vital body signs.

$75,026 total funds raised

GO2SLEEP Home Sleep Test Device

GO2SLEEP is a Home Sleep Test (HST) device that unintrusively monitors your sleep. Considered a new generation of AI device, GO2SLEEP has been created to track sleep, screen sleep apnea and improve sleep health.

The ring shape that you need to wear, which weighs 6 grams, works with the SLEEP ON APP which you can use to check your sleep quality at any time. The app will also show you a report that includes heart rate, blood oxygen, AHI, toss and turn, sleep debt etc. The most attractive feature is the customised sleep advice based on data collected.

Soundbrenner Core
$503,528 pledged of $50,000 goal by 2,477 backers

Soundbrenner Core

The Soundbrenner Core combines the accuracy of professional music tools with the convenience of wearable technology. Seamlessly integrated into a watch, you will always have your tools with you, whether you’re practising at home, recording in the studio, or even performing on stage. The great thing about the Core is that is has reimagined what modern-day music tools can do for your musical development. This is definitely one for the musicians who would benefit from the great feature that this smartwatch offers.

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