Ganit Goldstein, Bridging Modern Manufacturing Technology With Traditional Fashion Design

Fashion and textile designer,Ganit Goldstein explores the technique of 3D layer printing.

Have you come across the talented work of Ganit Goldstein yet? She is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem who recently unveiled a beautiful 3D printed collection.

Using 3D printing technology to explore new looks, styles and make design decisions, Goldstein leveraged technology to create her “Between the Layers” collection. Made up of 3D printed outfits, 7, and shoes, 6 pairs, the talented designer’s graduation project was inspired by the need to explore never-before-explored territories.“My love and passion for arts, crafts and design emerged at a very young age. Ever since I can remember myself, I’ve been sewing, sketching, drawing, embroidering, folding and experimenting with different materials”, states Goldstein on her site.

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On her latest work she told, “My work begins by examining the characteristics of the material, the qualities with which I can work with. Working with 3D software gives me the freedom to test which boundaries can be broken. [It provides] the understanding that the connection to the traditional craft material will create a completely new essence to the original material. For example, the technique of 3D layer printing allows me to re-examine which layers can be added and what new connections I can create”.
Unafraid to push herself to the limits, she has learnt that it is important as a designer to utilise as many techniques as possible by working with not only the traditional methods, but also finding a way to combine them with new technology. Wise and ready to challenge the fashion industry, fashion and textile designer Goldstein is certainly on our one-to-watch list.
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