NEWS ROUNDUP: 5 Top-Trending Articles From The Week

Like to keep an eye on what is going on? Missed this week's top stories? Here is a quick news round-up from the week beginning 12.11.18

It’s very easy for the news to pass you by in the week, so we decided to put together a round-up of the most important news stories from the past few days that you can read at your leisure over the weekend.

Ranging from the latest breaking news to insightful pieces, this is a roundup that will give you an original take on the news that happened over the past 5 days.

Here are top-trending tech stories from the week:

5Varjo’s Human-eye Resolution Headset Where VR & MR Become A Natural Extension Of The Real World

Varjo, takes the next step on the road to a new immersive computing – where you can no longer tell what’s real and what’s virtual. READ MORE

4Beauty Company L’Oréal Launches Wearable Tech Device Committed To Skin and Sun-safety

L’Oréal’s La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV, the first battery-free wearable tech sun safety sensor, now available at READ MORE

3A Multiple-Partner Collaboration Designs Functional Smart Jacket With Warmth on Demand

The fashion-functional Multi-Tech Commuter Smart Jacket to be unveiled for the first time at the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, California. READ MORE

2Assistive Technology Start-up BrightSign, Gives Voice To Those Who Cannot Speak

Hadeel Ayoub
Hadeel Ayoub with her invention, the BrightSign Smart Glove [Image credit: BrightSign]
BrightSign, the assistive technology start-up, has found a way of liberating individuals who are non-verbal. READ MORE

1Bose’s SoundWear Companion Speaker, Wearable Tech With A Twist

Image Credit: Bose

Bose’s new SoundWear Companion speaker has been designed to go be both hands-free and ears free. READ MORE

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