Bose’s SoundWear Companion Speaker, Wearable Tech With A Twist

Bose's new SoundWear Companion speaker has been designed to go be both hands-free and ears free.

Imagine a sound that you can wear, that leaves you hands-free, and your ears free?  The latest innovation from Bose introduces SoundWear Companion speaker. The wearable speaker has been built with legendary waveguide technology at its core and designed to rest comfortably on your shoulders, so you can experience sound that is full and clear to you.

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All About Convenience and Connection

Promising to offer you the best of both worlds, every part of the SoundWear Companion speaker has been meticulously engineered for better sound, thanks to two 11-inch waveguides that pump out what other wearable speakers don’t—deep, rich sound. Some of our favourite features include being able to walk around, take a call or ask Siri a question. The speaker will give you freedom from your devices while also keeping you closer to your surroundings at the same time.

“We designed the technology that delivers so much bass to bend with the neckband.”

“We designed the technology that delivers so much bass to bend with the neckband. We used special materials like a bend-and-stay steel wire encased in medical-grade silicone that has just the right amount of low-spring torsion to stay form-fitted to your shoulders. You’ll find that it is comfortable all day long, that you may forget you’re wearing it,” states their site.

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Other key features include the device’s ability to not only play up to 12 hours but also a 15-minute charge will give you up to 2 hours of use. With Wireless Bluetooth pairing made easier with voice prompts, the sweat and weather resistant wearable tech is also capable of providing users with haptic alerts that will discreetly notify you of incoming calls.

The Bose Connect app makes it easy for you to go from taking a call on your smartphone to listening to music on your tablet to watching a movie on your laptop with one single swipe. If you are a fan of listening to podcasts or talk radio, you can turn on Dialogue Mode to enhance the quality of speech.

The Bose Connect app [Image Credit: Bose]
For the fashion conscious, Bose is offering custom designed covers that come in Black, Heather Gray, Midnight Blue and Dark Plum. Acoustically transparent and static-free, so your hair and clothing don’t cling to it, the speakers will fit snugly around your neck. If you are a fan of the latest innovation then make sure you grab the SoundWear Companion speaker which is priced at $299.95.

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