Pow-Wow Fashion Tech Week, Creating a Democratic Ecosystem to Boost the Fashion Industry

From storytelling to expo, digital to interactive runways, are you ready to create your avatar and attend the virtual fashion tech event Pow-Wow next week.

Described as “The Fortnite of the events”, it looks like Pow-Wow Fashion Tech Week will not be another webinar. With their eye on new trends and ideas, the Pow-Wow Fashion Tech Week will not only be embracing all things ethical, circular and green, the virtual event will also be exploring AI and robotics, virtual experience and blockchain. Including digital brands, social communication, e-commerce, user experience, 3D printing and consumer engagement. 

With the event only a week away, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Italy based Anastasia Esther Murano. Organized by Heroes S.r.l, Murano is the event coordinator behind the Pow-Wow Fashion Tech Week. Taking place on 18th – 20th May 2021, the 3-day event has confirmed speakers from fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries like Marta Waydel, Kerry Murphy, Aileen Carville, Céline Delaugère, Cathy Hackl, Kadine James, Rebecca Morter and Aniela Hoitink.  

What is PowWow Fashion Tech week about? 

Pow-Wow Fashion Tech Week was conceived as a conference dedicated to the future of the fashion industry with speeches, workshops and panels about technological applications, robotics, wearable, artificial intelligence, blockchain, product and process innovation, sustainability and the digital world to explore what developments innovative technologies can offer to clothes and fabrics through the promotion and application of sustainability in fashion companies. Indeed, there is a strong awareness of the need to rethink the latest trends arising from the concept of circular fashion as there are new expectations of consumers and new generations: generation Y and generation Z of digital natives. 

As conference-type events which gather industry professionals together become more popular in the fashion tech space, what makes PowWow stand out?

The platform used, the gamification, the possibility to create custom avatars and enter the Arena, the opportunity to network, the excellent program, the space for entertainment and music, the strong international presence, the story of Made in Italy and global projects.

How did you go about curating content?

A great deal of attention is paid to writing an exciting and inspiring program to set up a virtual place where people can learn more about the future of the fashion sector, about developments in the industry. We have the ambitious goal of telling the community what’s going on in the world, and we do that through our incredible and outstanding line-up of speakers. 

“Pow-Wow Fashion Tech Week will not be a simple webinar.”

Due to it being online, how have you gone about making it interactive and engaging?

Pow-Wow Fashion Tech Week will not be a simple webinar, but it will take place on a digital, innovative platform. The participants will walk among the spaces through their avatars, enter networking rooms, visit the expo area with stands and booths, sit on chairs to listen to talks, interviews, masterclasses, and roundtables. An engaging and immersive experience, which many have already dubbed “The Fortnite of the events”, to give people, during these challenging times, a real feeling of connection. 

With restrictions due to the spread of the COVID19 epidemic, what are the particular challenges in organizing PowWow Fashion Tech week?

Following the restrictions due to the spread of the COVID19 pandemic, the event will be broadcasted in streaming. It will be free of charge for participants to allow a more broad and international audience to participate and interact live with an attractive, unique and unmissable digital happening. It wasn’t that simple; the fashion industry has suffered a significant setback, companies are in crisis, startups have no money to invest. But we believed in it; we worked hard to build a unique event and an unforgettable experience for the participants. 

“An engaging and immersive experience, which many have already dubbed “The Fortnite of the events.”

Curating a community, inspiring others and sharing knowledge seems to be the building blocks for a good event. Can you provide some insight into who the attendees are?

In these years, we set up an international ecosystem made by startuppers, entrepreneurs and innovators. As for all the events we made during the past years, PowWow will connect people interested in future, innovation, and digital marketing to the fashion industry. A variety of people from 25 till 60 years old with particular attention to the gen z and a good proportion of Italian and international participants. We aim to create a democratic ecosystem to boost the fashion system. 

What are your hopes for the future of PowWow Fashion Tech week?

First of all, we hope to meet everyone in Milan next year for an in-person edition. Second, we hope that the people who meet during PowWow will do wonderful things, and the brands that participate will make valuable connections, significantly improving their business. 

Looking towards the future, the virtual event will be taking place at the PowWow Virtual Arena, a place where style meets technology. Attendees are encouraged to create their avatar to walk through the spaces and meet other attendees, guests, and networks. Register your interest.

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