Creating Collectables, Fabricant Sells Their Digital-only Garment For $9500

As the future of fashion tech thrives on collaboration, Fabricant, a digital fashion house, prove that the future of fashion could be digital by introducing a Digital-only garment.

In the words of Brooke Roberts-Islam, “digital fashion history was made today”. The founder of techstyler shared the news that an outfit created by Fabricant, a digital fashion house known for leading the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing was going to be auctioning off a different type of garment, that had to be seen to be believed.


Existing only digitally, the outfit, which was worn by Johanna Jaskowska, a Berlin-based digital artist and virtual influencer, is a verifiable one of a kind digital haute couture that sold, ON 11th May 2019, at Ethereal Summit in New York for $9500. The collectable garment was auctioned off by Dapper Labs, the team behind Cryptokitties, to raise money for the Foundation for Art and Blockchain.

Fabricant, a company, built by creative technologists, has made a name for itself as the startup that heads a movement that uploads the human to the next level of existence. Envisioning a future where fashion transcends the physical body and digital identities permeate daily life to become the new reality, founder Kerry Murphy revealed, on his Linkedin profile, that a CEO of a blockchain company bought the digital-only garment. He bought it for his wife to wear.

The one-of-a-kind digital haute couture collectable is the first one ever to be sold on a blockchain. On the sale, Murphy revealed; “We will digitally fit the outfit to her picture. I’m extremely proud of this moment as it is a massive stepping stone in our vision as a digital fashion house,” before giving “major respect” to Amber Jae Slooten for designing it, Johanna Jaskowska for wearing it, and Dapper Labs for enabling the idea.

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If you would like to learn more about the beautiful world of digital fashion, you will be happy to know that as part of our road trip series we had the pleasure of meeting the man behind Fabricant. At the end of 2018, Murphy kindly invited to come down to Fabricant’s Amsterdam office to have coffee and talk shop. Be sure to keep an eye out of the write-up, coming soon.

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