Fashion App StyleHacks Ushers in the Era of Voice Commerce

We would like to introduce you to the new voice shopping app that recently made a splash in Google Assistant.

As voice assistants saturate our devices — from smartphones to smart displays to smart TVs — the future of fashion shopping is taking shape. According to, today, 26.2% of all U.S. adults have access to a smart speaker, and it is estimated that in 10 years most products will be purchased via voice-activated interfaces. This means that hours of scrolling through dozens of tabs searching for the perfect pair of jeans is about to become history. Of the many innovations making this happen, one of them is StyleHacks. It is a fashion advisor—and now, conversational shopping assistant, available on Smart Displays and smartphones with Google Assistant.

Fashion App
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Shopping with StyleHacks is like speaking with a helpful store associate: tell it what you are looking for (​”I need quality skinny jeans to wear to the office!”​), answer a few questions, and see the app’s personalised recommendation in a matter of minutes. Give any feedback from there (​”I’d prefer if they were darker.”​), and StyleHacks will refine the suggestions until you find jeans you’ll finally love. The search is not limited to traditional filters and takes a fraction of the time typically spent refining keywords or sorting through racks at the mall. StyleHacks seamlessly handles ultra-specific requests like “edgy jeans for a 6′ woman to wear to concerts”​ and can offer suggestions for something as abstract as “trendy jeans.” Customers can request to receive the link to the jeans they love to their email, and can checkout directly from the retailer’s website.

StyleHacks is a natural language fashion search and discovery Voice app. It enables shoppers to find the right clothing items by having a real-time conversation with the app on their smartphones or smart speakers, and receive a link to the products to their email. Unlike other online shopping experiences, StyleHacks doesn’t expect the user to know which filters to select and which keywords to type but instead helps them discover and satisfy their needs through a frictionless and fun conversation.

Fashion App
IMAGE CREDIT: Stylehacks Instagram

StyleHacks offers this ultra-personalised experience to brands looking to go beyond traditional filters and search bars. With demand curving towards ultra-specific and instant results, it becomes imperative for retailers to narrow down their offering to each customer’s unique requests. StyleHacks adds a layer of expert knowledge to the explicit user’s requests, recommending a single best piece from the retailer’s inventory. The results are automatically filtered by the customer’s size, as well as the size and price ranges. With the top style messaging and Voice apps in Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant, StyleHacks proves that conversational interfaces are the best-suited channel for such personalised interactions on the brand’s behalf.

StyleHacks’ advisor, ​philanthropist and supermodel Natalia Vodianova​, see StyleHacks technology empowering brands in forging deeper connections with their customers: “In my work and my daily life, I only perform at my best when I’m wearing the exact outfit that makes me feel fully aligned with my mood. If a look can express your inner self so perfectly, fashion should look ahead to the future building more and more of an intimate relationship with customers. This goes beyond personalisation: it means being completely understood and interpreted by brands. With StyleHacks, technology is finally sharp and ready to give to people exactly what they want before they even know it. I see this playing a new essential role in fashion’s sustainability.”

IMAGE CREDIT: Stylehacks Instagram

“For far too long, the fashion industry has been centred around brands and trends, forcing customers to speak its language instead of speaking theirs.”—says ​StyleHacks founder and CEO Anastasia Sartan​. “We created StyleHacks to empower customers to take back control of their style and wardrobe, and to empower brands to sell more effectively and more responsibly. We are thrilled to hear from our users that shopping with StyleHacks is much more time-efficient and way more fun.”

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The StyleHacks technology consists of three modules that employ an array of Artificial Intelligence tools to deliver instant, ultra-personalised results to customers. There is the NLU (Natural Language Understanding) module to understand what the user said and translate it into a specific, structured request, followed by the Expert Rules module which translates “fuzzy” requests into structured filters from a given domain. Lastly, there is the Inventory Navigation module which is a software component that employs the DeViSE (Deep Visual-Semantic Embedding) Machine Learning model for a semantic search along with textual and visual representations of the product in multidimensional vector space.

The action is available on stationary Smart Displays like Google Home Hub, and portable with Google Assistant on smartphones. Android not required; installing the Google Assistant app gives iPhone users access to the StyleHacks experience.

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