EyeFitU B2B Platform, For Retailers Looking For A Eco-conscious Approach to Clothes Shopping

We take a closer look EyeFitU, a smart fashion shopper’s app that finds and recommends the correct size in seconds, that recently launched a B2B platform.

The EyeFitU patented Sizing Engine is now available for integration via a SaaS model for an online store. The fashion-sizing software company, that we wrote about back in 2015, is offering a unique sizing solution that helps fashion retailers increase sales and reduce returns. Promising also to enhance the customer experience with personalisation, EyeFitU also hopes to encourage a more sustainable approach to clothes shopping.

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B2B Platform Offering Integration Through a SaaS Model

Following on the success of their B2C shopping app powered by machine learning, EyeFitU’s B2B platform is built to engage online retailers. Isabelle Ohnemus, CEO and founder of EyeFitU, commented: “Fashion brands are renowned for having different size charts, that change from country to country, resulting in high returns rates from consumers and crazy inventories for retailers. EyeFitU eliminates all these sizing issues for shoppers and lets designers size the way they want. Our smart sizing algorithm suggests the best possible fit recommendations, saving both retailers and consumers time and money”.

Image Credit: EyeFitU

Founded in 2013, EyeFitU has come a long way. Focused on the future of fashion retail, the startup’s patented Sizing Engine is a multi-parameter software integrating Artificial Intelligence. Through user-generated content, the feedback loop enables the platform to cross-reference consumers sizing preferences in an indefinite amount of brands and garments (Virtual Size Charts™). This is unique because no two people are created; equally, body shapes vary widely, and the information available from brands can differ vastly also. EyeFitU’s agile technology allows for brands to integrate the specificities of their garment types per brand in the most granular way currently available in the industry.

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As fashion retail gathers momentum on the sustainable front, EyeFitU has noted that they are aware that the industry currently faces the challenge of the increasing demand for fast-fashion, a practice that can have a substantial environmental impact. On this, the company believes that it is essential for retailers to be able to recommend the correct fit to its users. “The platform helps to reduce returns rates, and dead inventories saves wasted time, lets customers have an enjoyable experience and encourages a more eco-conscious approach to clothes shopping”, states their press release. The other plus is that the B2B platform will also help retailers reduce returns by giving them the ability to send personalised messages about new products, sales and leftover stock.

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