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We appreciate the talented individuals using the latest technology to make our shopping experiences fashionably convenient. We want to take a moment to salute the fashion lovers turned tech geeks who are creating awesome fashion apps at a much faster rate than we can download. So where do we start? Admittingly, some are good, others are OK, but there are a select few that are simply brilliant. So on that note, we have taken a moment to personally handpick apps that, in our opinion, have been designed to give you the kind of instant gratification worthy of your valuable MB space.

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For The Bag Lady

For the stylish bag ladies, we introduce to you handbag shopping app Swipe Boutique. It is an app that allows you to browse through thousands of recently released bags from leading high street and luxury brands, like Topshop, New Look, Missguided and Michael Kors.

Image Credit: Swipe Boutique

This is the kind of app that not only enables shoppers to swipe through bags, but it will also allow users to create their very own wishlist whilst passing time on their morning commute or during TV ad breaks. Swipe Boutique is currently available FREE on Google Play. It will be available on iOS at a later date.

A little dangerous for the Shop-a-holics who get goosebumps over finding new Bags”.


Perfect For Those Sizing Up Their Fit

If you are an international shopper, then you know how irritating it can be when you realise that each brand and each country has their very own version of a size 12. This annoying fact is about to be squashed by a new app. It was out of frustration, that founder Isabelle Ohnemus decided to so something about this unneccessary shopping problem. Her sheer determination gave birth to a personalized mobile sizing and shopping solution, EyeFitU.


Image Credit: EYEFITU

The EyeFitU app and platform enables users to find clothes in their right size, no matter where they are, or what brand they are shopping for. To use the app, the user has to enter his or her gender, height and weight. Gender-specific details are also considered such as chest and cup size for women and different trouser lengths for men. The complex algorithm then generates the user’s ideal size for all brands.

EyeFitU is a multi-profile app, allowing users to create individual profiles for their family, partner or friends. Users can confidently shop for all their profiles in the correct size. Included with the app is the option of sharing profiles with others, which means no more gift receipts and lengthy returns.

“EyeFitU filters all online offers according to the correct size and enables users to enjoy a perfectly customized online shopping experience, without the risk of sizing insecurities.”


Want To Join The Fashion Revolution?

KNOMI is a new fashion discovery app launching 23rd September 2015. It is set to revolutionise the way fashion connoisseurs discover and share the most distinctive fashion trends of the season. Partnering with an array of high-profile brands such as Stella McCartney, Mulberry, Farfetch and Net-a-Porter, KNOMI puts the best new arrivals in the palm of your hand every day.

Image Credit: Knomi
Image Credit: KNOMI

How does it work? Well the app allows you to shop directly through KNOMI with a simple ‘tinder-like’ swipe. It’s innovative USP is that you can easily discover which stores near you have exactly what you’re looking for in stock, so you can head on down there and check it out for yourself!

Partnering with an array of designer and independent brands KNOMI, a strictly mobile app, is unique, fun and perfect for the kind of women who love discovering new ways to shop.

“The KNOMI app promises to set new standards by reinventing how we shop, wear and share”.


A Must For The It-girls of Instagram

This is the perfect app for the beyond-cool fashionista’s whose style sense is powered by Instagram. Indulging in this app makes it possible for selected Insta-girls like Emily Jenny and Lee Catherine, to become your very own stylists.

Creative consultant Honor Hamilton is an onTrend stylist—and an Instagram style star. (Photo courtesy of Honor Hamilton)
Creative consultant Honor Hamilton is an onTrend stylist—and an Instagram style star. (Photo courtesy of Honor Hamilton)

Founded in Los Angeles by Honor Hamilton, onTrend is all about the influential Instagram style stars offering style, shopping and beauty advice. Also available on the app are one-on-one video styling sessions that users can schedule. Each session costs $9.95, which can leave you wondering, with so many free styling apps available why would you want to give up your hard earned money to video chat with an Insta-girl? Well, I believe that this is the kind of app created for hardcore Instagram divas and divos. They would love  the chance to ask the Insta-girls specific style questions whilst also receiving expert advice on their personal style.

So how does it work? Well you will need to download onTrend. Once downloaded you will then sign into the app using Facebook or Instagram. Once logged in you will have access to stylists hired by the app and you will also be able to book a five-minute styling session with them right from your phone. Are you sold?

“You can speak with these influencers directly to get the info or advice you’re seeking about style and beauty.”


Wanna’ Live & Breath Luxury Style?

Unless you have been existing under a rock, you have probably heard the whispers about The Net Set, Net-a-Porter‘s share and shop app. The Net Set is dedicated to luxury, making it the perfect place fashion-passionate users to digitally congregate and find information about their favorite brands, trends and latest news.

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Image Credit: THE NET SET

Boasting editorial content, the app’s USP is the perk of joining a Style Tribe. A Style Tribe is where the meeting of similar minds takes place. Everyone in your tribe would understand why you are salivating over a pair of sparkly Miu Miu pumps. The objective of the tribe is to uncover like-minded users, content, brands all the while being inspired. Available on the iPad, iPhone and the Apple Watch, downloading the app will give you fashion power to see what’s trending, watch videos and admire Style Council members, like Poppy Delevingne.

We love that users have the ability  to comment and recommend all the while directly interacting with brands and designers. With a  visual “shazam” kind-of technology, The Net Set is the perfect plus one for women who want to share their picks, experiences and style advice in real-time.

“The Net Set app is all about stylish women helping Net-a-Porter make shopping go social .”


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SOURCEFeature Image Credit: The Net set (Net-A-Porter)