Could FORM Swim Goggles With AR Display Be Better For Swimmers Than Wrist Fitness Wearables?

Launched this week, FORM swim goggles with a see-through AR display that delivers performance metrics in real-time.

Swimming is one of the world’s biggest sports, with over 30 million active pool swimmers in the U.S. alone. This is why it is essential for swimmers to be able to access performance metrics in real-time through an easy to use pair of goggles rather than a wrist device which can impair techniques and be challenging to access in real-time.

Image Credit: FORM

Launched this week, FORM Swim Goggles have a see-through, augmented reality display that delivers performance metrics in real-time. The goggles have been designed to give swimmers the freedom to customise correctly which metrics are displayed in the goggles and when each metric appears; whether it be while swimming, after turns, or during rest.

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The goggles are the brainchild of sports technology company FORM, which was founded in 2016 in Vancouver, Canada by Dan Eisenhardt. The startup’s mission is to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be. The FORM Swim Goggles were developed over four years in collaboration with top competitive swimmers and coaches. The result was a pair of goggles intended to make training smarter, more purposeful, and more engaging for swimmers of all levels.

FORM goggles Image Credit: FORM

On the pair of premium swim goggles, Eisenhardt, who swam competitively for 14 years before starting his career as a sports technology entrepreneur, said: “The idea for FORM came about many years ago, but we are only now entering a time when technology lets us deliver this experience seamlessly in a premium pair of swim goggles. We’re proud that, through a team of top industry talent, we’ve been able to solve a fundamental problem in swimming.”

“we are only now entering a time when technology lets us deliver this experience seamlessly in a premium pair of swim goggles.”

The FORM Swim Goggles seamlessly combine three key components. The first is an augmented-reality display. Integrated into the goggles lens, the display provides an entirely unobtrusive, see-through experience and always appears in focus. The second is a miniaturised onboard computer. With an ultra-compact profile and 16 hours of battery life, the onboard computer uses artificial intelligence to track and display metrics like split times, distance, stroke rate, and stroke count. Lastly, the premium swim goggles have been created using high-grade materials and industry-leading manufacturing processes to provide optimal fit, durability, and hydrodynamics in a design that feels just like a regular pair of swim goggles.


Available from 7th August 2019 for $199, the FORM Swim Goggles have been launched alongside the FORM Swim App for iPhone® and Android™. The app enables swimmers and coaches to review and share workouts recorded by the FORM Swim Goggles as well as to track progress over time.

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