Vivobarefoot’s Hiking Boot is Like The Tesla of Shoes

I am a straight couch potato and I am passionate about it, and with good reason. Technology has severely let me down. All my activity trackers are ending up in the kitchen drawer within six months. No one ever told me digital health means I still would have to get up and put in the effort. Besides that, when I walk for a few hours, my feet are signalling to my brain that I need to head back to the couch. And of course I am listening very carefully to my body. Putting aside all the drama, I recently received the Tracker FG Off road shoes, and it is safe to say VivoBarefoot shoe technology changed everything.

VivoBarefoot Shoe Technology
The Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Hiking Boot

I was worried that it really would take new technologies like the wearable tech Pavlok bracelet. It’s a wristband designed to give me 340 volt shock that tells me to get up if I chilled for longer than 51 minutes watching Netflix.

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The technology that has been added to these shoes has actually made a serious difference. The thought behind the tech lies in developing a shoe that mimics the walking experienced when you are walking barefoot. And [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]like a Tesla, with a brand newly enhanced battery, these shoes basically extended my range. [/inlinetweet]

VivoBarefoot Shoe Technology


It has been known for a while, running barefoot is the best thing for our feet and especially the knees. As a Harvard study by biologist Daniel Lieberman has been published years ago.

But the greatest thing I experienced wearing these hiking boots, was that I literally could walk all day without feeling that familiar fatigue that I was so used to. Not that it is a real problem of course, (For those who are having trouble reading sarcasm) but the difference most definitely creates a higher level of convenience. And this is exactly one of the roles I would like technology to play in my life.

VivoBarefoot Shoe Technology
VivoBarefoot embrace environmental sustainability and use lifecycle analysis to look for efficiencies in design, materials selection, people and manufacturing processes to make more durable products that people love to wear.

 Sustainability and Technology Going Hand in Hand

So these minimalist, foot shaped boots prevent my feet from getting tired or at least succeed in postponing that feeling of tiredness. But how does the technology actually work? The company designed the shoe starting with honoring the foot first.

By giving the foot the space it needs, they created a more stable and wider design for maximum underfoot performance, with as little shoe as possible. This wider foot shaped approach allows your muscles and tendons to load, splay and recoil putting a natural spring in your step.

VivoBarefoot Shoe Technology








On a mission to make the perfect shoe, founder Galahad Clark shared on Vivo’s blog: “As far back as 1905, medical journals published articles lauding the healthy habit of this minimal footwear. The strong, dexterous feet of traditional shoe-wearers stood in stark contrast to the overlapping toes and grotesque bunions caused by cramming feet into narrow Western shoes. Symptomatic of the “disease of civilisation,” foot deformities were another epidemic spurned by the increasingly unnatural lifestyle of the modern, urbanized world.”

As for the materials, these waterproof and winterproof boots are equiped with Pro 5 technology that brags an ultra-thin, patented sole that is 5 times more puncture resistant than an ordinary sole. As for its convenience, these boots basically extended my action radius, which, in my opinion, is the main reason for embracing new shoe technology.

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