CES2017: VIVOBAREFOOT IoT-Enabled Running Shoe Powered By Sensoria

VIVOBAREFOOT x Sensoria collaboration introduces a smart shoe at CES 2017, that will help detect forces – like impact score, foot landing and contact time metrics – with extreme precision.

For us here at FashNerd.com, #CES2017 is definitely a great way to start the new year. Frequented by makers, designers, and innovators, CES, for publishers like ourselves, is the ‘land’ of plenty. An event where tech ideas and concepts come to life. Last year we were wowed by Mira Vivid Wellness Bracelet, impressed by the OMBra and enchanted by Fitbit‘s Blaze smart watch. Now this year we look forward to meeting brands like VIVOBAREFOOT.

CES2017: VIVOBAREFOOT IoT-Enabled Running Shoe Powered By Sensoria
CES 2017

Introduced to us last year, it was VIVOBAREFOOT’s mission to change the footwear industry with their sustainable shoes, using recycled, locally sourced material that caught our attention. Launched 2012 by two cousins, VIVOBAREFOOT have patented, ultra-thin puncture-resistant sole that protects the foot and allows for maximum sensory feedback. Now, the London based brand has partnered up with Sensoria, a leading developer of smart garments and IoMe (Internet of Me) wearable artificial intelligence solutions. Together they have brought IoT-Enabled Running Shoe to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES2017: VIVOBAREFOOT IoT-Enabled Running Shoe Powered By Sensoria
VIVOBAREFOOT Sensoria Smart Shoe

Integrated with Sensoria Core, a key component of the new Sensoria Development Kit, the new shoe detects forces exerted by a runner. With the aim to combat the problem that running incorrectly can generate Davide Vigano, co-founder and CEO of Sensoria shared, “The new VIVOBAREFOOT, powered by Sensoria smart shoe leverages our new microelectronics and is able to monitor – in real-time – speed, pace, cadence, GPS track, foot landing technique, time on the ground, impact score and eventually, asymmetry and toe engagement. These are all important metrics to monitor natural running and reduce risk of injury.” Vigano continues, “Sensoria Core helps the industry and academic researchers around the world learn more about how to improve running form. We are excited to partner with VIVOBAREFOOT to help people run faster, farther and healthier.”

On their partnership with Sensoria, Galahad Clark, CEO and founder of VIVOBAREFOOT added, “Through our partnership with Sensoria, we are now able to provide real time transition advice to our customers and the visual proof of the incredible sensory feedback loop between your feet and your brain. With the Internet of Me is quickly redefining what consumers are looking for in a product, we are extremely proud to provide a system that offers quality biometric data to help researchers, coaches, everyday runners and athletes identify and correct poor habits.”

CES2017: VIVOBAREFOOT IoT-Enabled Running Shoe Powered By Sensoria
VIVOBAREFOOT powered by Sensoria

When it comes to playing a role in helping an industry improve its product with the use of technology, the Sensoria Development Kit does not stand alone in that field. There is Neue Lab’s Automat and 360 Fashion’s tech kit. Previously written about on FashNerd.com, they were developed to eradicate the need to code. When it comes to the Sensoria Development Kit, it’s main use is to assist in building custom solutions by experimenting with technology that will enable multiple quantified-self scenarios.

CES2017 VIVOBAREFOOT IoT-Enabled Running Shoe Powered By Sensoria
Sensoria’s Web Dashboard v2

Available for both commercial and non-commercial use, the Sensoria Development kit has been designed to allow footwear, sports apparel and lifestyle brands to harness the same technology components used in Sensoria’s smart garment running system. The Sensoria Core key features include ultra-low power system-on-chip, storage, the ability to connect to multiple footwear and garment embedded sensors. Bragging a 9-axis MEMS sensor, it is also compatible with the Sensoria Web Dashboard v2.0.

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In the case of VIVOBAREFOOT, the removable Sensoria Core devices are connected to four pressure sensors in the plantar area of each shoe to help detect forces – like impact score, foot landing and contact time metrics – with extreme precision. From there, a step by step natural running transition training plan with artificial intelligence technology delivers audio and visual information in real-time via the new Sensoria Run 2.0 app for iOS.

The new Sensoria Core electronics module

Looking to educate our transition back to “strong feet and pain free movement,” cobblers, Galahad and Asher have gotten our attention. Their new concept smart shoe, available to consumers later in 2017, can currently be previewed at CES 2017 at the Sensoria booth #44930, located at the Sands Expo in Tech West. For more on VIVOBAREFOOT, look out for FashNerd.com founder Mano ten Napel review of the VIVOBAREFOOT’s Tracker FG shoes, coming soon.

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