Day 1: Wearable Technology Show, London

Wrtitten by Mano ten Napel | @mano10napel & Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

The Wearable-technology Show London

In its second year, The Wearable Technology Show London exhibition is becoming well known for focusing on the big picture. It is dedicated to the wearable ecosystem and showcases innovative start-ups from around the world.

This year #WTS2015 boasted a main stage that focused mainly on the wearable roadmap for the future. Brands that participated included, Misfit, Jawbone, Intel and Samsung including a new introduction of an Augmented Reality Conference where AR glasses were be tested.

Startup brand, Atlas Wearables,  left a lasting impression on our visit. CEO Peter Li and his team displayed the latest version of Atlas Wristband. To be released in April, the device detects an individuals exercise whilst counting the reps from regular push-ups to dumbbell flies.

misfit-shine1                                                                                                                                                                              Following a personal introduction to Atlas from Li, we next found ourselves drawn to Misfit. This is brand that has been on everyone’s lips, so we were excited to find ourselves talking to Misfits’ Senior Marketing Associate John Blet. In our opinion, it is the only brand that easily brushes off the critics when it comes to wearable devices not being fashionable enough. With it’s sleek design the Misfit Flash($49/£39),the Misfit Shine($99/£79) and it’s slightly more luxurious Swarovski jewellery device on display their presence was clear.

The Misfit Bolt Smart Bulb

During our chat with John I asked him how the tracker was differentiating itself from the pack. “Besides the price point, the misfit shine, our most popular device, enables consumers to dress up or down while wearing it in different locations. Plus the fashion aspect has been taken more serious. The Shine is also waterproof up to 50 meters and the device houses a regular watch battery making it last for approximately 6 months.”  The fitness trackers can practically do everything you would expect from any wearable device out there.

Earlier this year Misfit teamed up with Nest, Logitech, August, Spotify and IFTTT and added smart home controls to their bracelet. This will allow the wearer to let its users control their home devices from the fitness band. At the show, we got the chance to see the Misfit Bolt for the Smart Home. It is a wirelessly connected dimmable LED smart bulb able to shine millions of colors. How it works is that it will control the light in your home by the apps on your smartphone or by your misfit Shine or Flash wearable tracker. Since Misfit has partnered up with Beddit last year, the bulbs can even be setup to work with your sleep cycle. The 13W power lights are put on the shelves for $49 a piece.

In search for fashion, we came across a familiar face Made with Gloves CEO Michelle Hua. Fabulously dressed she was there to spread some insights whilst also sharing with the world of wearables her  great idea.  Michelle is not new to FashNerd, she has been featured before and has also contributed to FashNerd.comThe Future Of Wearable Tech- The Smart Stiletto. We loved hearing her passionately talk about idea, it was just unfortunate that we could not see the prototype glove yet. Her enthusiasm made us realise that we are sooooo ready to have some fashionable heated gloves ourselves.

With Day 1 over, we are exhausted, but definitely ready for Day 2, bring on the fashion.

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