A Headset Introducing a New Standard for Meditation

Are you ready for a Modern Meditation that works for you.

In a world where we are increasingly exposed to stressors – from the recent pandemic to constant screen time – it makes sense that we jump to the chance to experiment when an immersive meditation experience is on offer.  

Designed by LAYER, the meditation headset for US start-up Resonate, features an LED light matrix that allows powerful meditation to be attained effortlessly, regardless of the level of experience. Resonate have a reputation for making meditation effortless by combining traditional meditation techniques with the power of vibration, sound, and light.

Resonate uses the science of neural entrainment to transform meditation from hard to easy, helping you access more profound levels of consciousness effortlessly — in your home, on your terms, and on-demand.

First launched in December 2021 at Design Miami, the headset sets a new standard for meditation, with a calming, minimal design language that encourages a restful state of mind. The exterior casing features a flowing geometry that closely follows the contours of the face allowing for complete immersion, while the progressive, futuristic interior houses the high-tech LED matrix display.