Fight Depression, Anxiety, or Stress With These 5 Wearable Gadgets

Is the lockdown stressing you out? Maybe one of these wearable devices will help get you back on track.

Business Insider writer Anthony L. Fisher once wrote: “Depression is the wolf at the door. Coronavirus made it a roommate”. No truer words have been spoken, especially in a time where experts are warning that a sizable minority could be left with mental health problems that outlast the pandemic. “Historically, the adverse mental health effects of disasters impact more people and last much longer than the health effects,” explains Joshua C Morganstein, assistant director at the Centre for the Study of Traumatic Stress in Maryland, US told the BBC. “If history is any predictor, we should expect a significant ‘tail’ of mental health needs that continue long after the infectious outbreak resolves.”

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So as lockdown continues to set the stage when it comes to how we work, live and play, it is inevitable that the result will be that more and more people will succumb to disorders related to depression, anxiety, or stress. So how can you get back on track? Well, the good news is that there are a few wearable devices that will give your body much-needed rest and a healthier mind. Here are our top five are:

Thync: Understanding the Natural Language of the Brain

Taking an innovative approach to science, Thync has found a way to improve brain function via electricity. Focusing on the brain’s natural language, the company founded in 2010, researched and developed a way to democratise access to neurostimulation benefits. 

Believing in non-invasive brain stimulation, Thync has a wearable patch that increases energy, clarity, and alertness for a few hours — think 5-hour energy and neurostimulation style. “Our consumer products allow everyone to improve nervous system function using electricity, the natural language of the brain”, states their website.

Muse: Interpreting Mental Activity To Provide Guidance

Muse is a brain-sensing headband that helps you refocus during the day and recover overnight. Translating Brainwaves, Muse is now widely used by neuroscience researchers around the world. The EEG device uses advanced signal processing to interpret your mental activity to help guide you. 

This is a device that is perfect for those who cant quieten a busy mind. The Muse headband will help them focus. They will hear stormy weather to bring their attention back to your breath, and when their mind is calm and settled, they will find themselves listening to calm weather. 

The ZEEQ Pillow: Intelligently Analyses Your Sleep

The super comfy anti-snoring smart pillow plays music, monitors and reacts to snoring, intelligently wakes up the sleeper and most importantly analyses your sleep to make sure you are getting enough shut-eye.

I have tried out this ‘magic’ pillow, and after a few days of sleeping on ZEEQ, I most enjoyed the pillow’s ability to play my music while I snoozed. My partner loved most about the ZEEQ smart pillow was its ability to monitor and react to my delicate snoring. Designed not to wake you up in the process, the EEQ Pillow’s snore alarm uses a built-in microphone with decibel sensitivity to hear snoring and respond by gently vibrating the pillow the user to change positions.

The ŌURA Ring: A Personalised Guide Based on Data

ŌURA’s philosophy supports the importance of getting enough restorative sleep. This is because they know that not having enough could profoundly impact your mental and physical health and performance.

Bragging features that scientifically validate sleep tracking and personalised guidance based on data from over a million nights and days, the ring is also capable of measuring your body’s physiological signals, understanding your lifestyle, and guiding you when it comes to making your own optimal daily choices.

The S+: Delivering Personalised Feedback Based on Sleep Pattern

The world’s first non-contact sleep sensor has arrived. The S+ is a non-contact sleep sensor that helps you sleep better from the very first night. Combining a bedside sleep monitor, smartphone app and web-based app to help you track and better understand your sleeping patterns, the S+ creates personalised feedback and suggestions to help improve your sleep.

Using advanced bio-motion technology and rigorous sleep science, S+ measures your breathing and body movements throughout the night, analyses light, noise and temperature levels in your bedroom and creates daily sleep scores and charts to help you understand your sleep pattern. It also delivers personalised feedback based on your sleep pattern, bedroom environment and daily habits and syncs seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet. Find out how S+ can get you started on your journey to better sleep. 

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