The New ŌURA Ring, All About Restorative Sleep, Mental Health And Performance

Designed to be worn around the clock, the new ŌURA ring empowers you to see how your lifestyle affects your body and mind by aligning to your 24-hour rhythm.

Having been seduced back in 2015, I am a proud owner of the handsome ŌURA ring. All about leading a more balanced life, I have relied on it to sleep and perform better in the fast-paced world I live in. So after all this time of being loyal to the original, do I dare upgrade to the sleek and shiny new ŌURA Smart Ring?

FashNerd Editor Muchaneta wearing the original ŌURA ring

The makers at ŌURA have designed the new smart ring to be all about you. Bragging features that scientifically validate sleep tracking and personalised guidance based on data from over a million nights and days, the ring is also capable of measuring the physiological signals of your body, understanding your lifestyle, and guiding you when it comes to making your own optimal daily choices.

More Than Just Another Smart Ring

Smart Ring
The new range of wearables come in 5 versions

According to ŌURA, their smart ring is the first consumer-available wearable that offers guidance on how to improve your circadian alignment. With no switches or flashing lights, tech highlights include a long battery life, up to one week, advanced sensors internal memory for standalone use Bluetooth smart, airplane mode and evolving user experience.

ŌURA’s philosophy supports the importance of getting enough restorative sleep. This is because they know how not having enough could have a profound impact on your mental and physical health and performance. “Your daily choices and rhythms define how well you sleep. With ŌURA, you learn your optimal times to move, eat and take a break to get that restorative sleep,” said someone from the team.

“With ŌURA, you learn your optimal times to move, eat and take a break to get that restorative sleep.”

Just like ŌURA’s previous range of wearables, the new version automatically collects and wirelessly synchronises data via the free ŌURA app that works on both Android and iOS. Through the app, you can gain quick access to unique insights and practical guidance when it suits you. If you want to know more, there is the ŌURA Cloud, a free online dashboard where you can dig deeper into your data and find out long-term trends and learn how they affect your body and mind.

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Durable and water resistant to minimum 100 meters, the new ŌURA will help you uncover your sleep architecture and the structure and pattern of your sleep stages. It will also see your nocturnal resting heart rate, which is an indicator of your recovery, sleep quality and overall well-being, and track your heart rate variability, a measure that indicates how your body recovers from exercise, stress and fatigue. My favourite feature is te ring’s ability to learn how my nocturnal body temperature varies, and find out early signs of impending sickness or need to rest or detect menstrual cycle stages.

The new ŌURA ring is available in three designs

The new ŌURA ring has been wrought out of titanium and has seamless medical-grade inner moulding that is non-allergenic for maximum wearing comfort. It is available in three designs, Heritage (available in four colours: silver, black, and premium rose and stealth), Balance ( available in 3 colours: silver, black, and premium rose )and Balance Diamond (with five 0.005 ct diamonds). With prices starting at $239.00, you can preorder the smart ring now in eight sizes, US 6–13. Shipping begins in April 2018.

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