Daria Shapovalova: “The Next Fast Fashion is Digital Fashion.”

7 key takeaways from a fashion tech conversation with Dress-X founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova.

Changing the notion of fast fashion, DressX “Don’t shop less, shop digital fashion” has been taking the fashion industry by storm. Already applauded in rags like Vice, Vogue Italia, Forbes US and Nylon Magazine, DressX founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova have been driven by the belief that the amount of clothing produced today is way greater than humanity needs.

The Importance of Digitising Fashion

Sharing the beauty and excitement that physical fashion creates, Shapovalova and Modenova believe that there are ways to produce less, to produce more sustainably, and not to produce at all. At the current stage of DressX development, the founders aim to show that some clothes can exist only in their digital versions. As the first international digital fashion multi-brand retailer, DressX carries digital fashion collections from most well-known contemporary brands, born in the physical world – and in digital space.

FashNerd editor Muchaneta Kapfunde dressed in a Fabricant garment purchased on DressX.com

In a recent conversation with FashNerd.com, the founders shared some interesting insights, here are 7 truths that stood out:

On purchasing digital fashion: “What you are paying for is a piece of content”.

On inclusivity: “Digital fashion is more inclusive because it eliminates the size issue, while also giving consumers access to clothes that were not accessible before”.

On ethical production: “When producing a real physical tee versus a digital one, it is worth noting that digital one saves 97% of carbon emissions. Also, digital clothing helps us save our planet’s resources.”

On Fast Fashion: “The next fast fashion is digital fashion.”

On adoption: “We want to show big players that digital fashion is one of the solutions that could help solve the environmental crisis.”

On the need for change: “Digital fashion has the potential to offer the industry a second life. The new frontier is digital fashion. All fashion brands will go digital”.

On the future: “5 years from now we hope more people will embrace the idea of a digital wardrobe”.

If you would like to hear the full conversation with Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, then you can listen here.

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