Unapologetically Different, Fashion Modelling Agency HUM.AI.N Challenges The Norm

An AI Modeling Agency is breaking down fashion industry barriers and disrupting the norm.

If asked, we can all admit that we are familiar with what a typical fashion modelling agency is. We know that it is more than just a business that represents fashion models, it is an integral cog in the fashion industry machine. Led by agencies like Ford, IMG, Elite and Wilhelmina Models representing some of the most popular fashion models, it looks like change is afoot. Thanks to advanced technology, it looks like a different kind of fashion model has entered the ring, the kind of model who could be the catalyst that changes how the modelling world works.

Image Credit: HUM.AI.N

 Breaking barriers and Disrupting The Norm

With the advancement of technology and 3D industries, a different kind of model has entered the arena. Proving to have a strong Insta presence, the digital model has already started to spark interest with fashion brands looking to experiment. Pushing the shift forward are digital models like Shudu, who caused controversy because she’s not real.

Created by photographer Cameron James-Wilson, Shudu was designed not to replace real-life models, but to give brands instead another avenue to explore. “I don’t see her or virtual people taking over the real world,” admitted Cameron back in 2019. With her popularity still growing, she has 210k followers on Instagram, could Shudu and her ilk be more than just art pieces?

 Shudu created by photographer Cameron James-Wilson

Well HUM.AI.N, an AI modelling agency, believes the digital model is the way forward. Introducing a new gang of models who resemble physical but are actually digital, HUM.AI.N debuted on the NAMESldn’s digital platform. Busy redefining the industry’s version of digital fashion, HUM.AI.N is on a mission to not only whet the appetite of forward-thinking brands but also break barriers that define beauty and gender by shaping a new era of what it means to be a model. 

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