The Luna Smart Lamp With Alexa Built-in Is Definitely On Our WishList

With the number of Smart Assistants projected at 200 Million units by the end of 2019, there is a new smart lamp designed to make charging easier and sleeker. Designed by Italian design brand Woodie Milano, founded in 2015, the Luna smart lamp brags is the only intelligent speaker that integrates light, Alexa voice services and Qi wireless charging.

Smart without clutter, the lamp seamlessly combines design with technology. Marco Iurilli, CEO and founder of Woodie Milano explains: “At Woodie Milano we think that multiple functionalities shouldn’t mean multiple devices. We created Luna to give the user the option to save money, space and to minimize the impact on the environment. Luna replaces 3 products with less plastic and packaging, with decreased pollution from manufacturing and shipping. We are delivering a
smart product with more value to the market”

The voice controlled device simpy doesnt work with Alexa, Luna is Alexa! According to the founders, Luno is the Echo dot, with improved sound quality, fast wireless charger and a multi-colour dimmable LED light packed in a single, minimal piece of Italian design. Luna can also be used in multi-room and Bluetooth mode without the need for Wi-Fi or Alexa.

On the concept Francesco Dolce, Woodie Milano’s co-founder and designer said, “As Italians, we have a heritage in design excellence and ingenuity. We’ve proven in the past to be able to think outside the box and provide clever solutions to intricate challenges”. Adding, “We worked over two years to bring Luna to life, with the critical help of the Amazon Alexa team and its partners that supported us in our efforts to merge aesthetic and function without compromises”.

First unveiled at CES 2019, the Luna smart lamp has already achieved multiple accolades including the A’Design Awards and a top spot in the ExpoWanted competition in April 2019. The home device is available for pre-order on Indigogo for an early bird price of $129 (48% off the rrp). Expected delivery date will be Fall 2019.

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