Waking Up With My Voice Assistant Siri

‘Hey Siri, I’m up!’ These are usually the first words I speak when I wake up.

Everyone has a morning routine. About six months ago, I decided to drastically change mine due to feeling so anxious waking up each morning with all the social channels flickering with messages & updates.

I have always been a believer in the offering we can find in wearables and hearables and have become a big supporter of Voice communication. Interacting with these devices made me predict that we will speak to the internet rather than staring into screens.

Voice Assistant Siri, my Intelligent Personal Assistant

I usually wake up before my alarm so by simply saying ‘Hey Siri; I’m up‘, my alarm deactivates and some of my smart Philips Hue lights switch on. Next question to Siri, ‘What’s up today?’ the intelligent personal assistant proceeds to tell me the date, opens up the calendar and reads out my appointments. Next up, Siri, please play global news update which opens the latest BBC Global News podcast update.

Voice Assistant Siri
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I usually start my day with a short run or walk, so after a quick cup of warm water with lemon, I’m out of the door. AirPods in – Hey Siri, play running list. Off we go. When I get home, the music automatically connects to my HomePod and B&O sound system. I usually ask the voice computing platform to switch to a specific podcast or classic music playlist whilst I get ready to start the day. 

When ready, I ask Siri once more to recap what’s happening today. This helps me decide on what to wear, whether I will have to go from day to night. Followed by a quick espresso & grapefruit, I’m out of the door, jumping on my bike or taking a shared electric car, to wherever I’m starting the day. 

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And because I have my ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode switched on from 10 pm till 8 am each day, I only receive messages, calls & other content after 8 am. (Your favourite/emergency contacts can always reach you despite this setting, so make sure it’s updated)

Personally, I can never go back to a life where I wake-up, staring into the screen. My mind feels fresher and I somehow feel more relieved not waking up to a list of messages starring at me. A tip: You can set up your favourite Siri commands in Shortcuts to make life even more convenient. Hey Siri, I enjoy waking up with you!

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