From Apple to Vegan, Footwear Brand WOMSH Launches Vegan Shoe Line

Italian footwear brand WOMSH has come up with a vegan shoe line that challenges the conventional.

Italian footwear brand WOMSH has choosen change. It is a change that has led to the company working with northern Italian company Frumat, a startup that offers a workable option to animal-based materials. The collaboration gave birth to a 6-piece collection that combines recyclability with craftsmanship.

Image Credit: WOMSH

Respecting and Preserving

WOMSH holds the belief that fashion and sustainability must co-exist because everything begins with a choice. Hoping to have the mainstream

adopt this way of thinking the eco-conscious brand has decided to make our shopping decisions easier by coming up with a vegan line of eco-friendly, sustainable trainers made from a plant-based leather.

Image Credit: WOMSH

WOMSH, which coolly stands for Word Of Mouth SHoes, originated from the company’s conviction and belief that fashion can exist in harmony with nature. WOMSH’s vegan collection respects and preserves the environment by not only coming up with a new line of vegan trainers they have also created a modern purchasing philosophy based on consumers becoming more conscious and eco-friendly. On this, they state: “We want to increasingly extend our community and spread our values as much as we can so that they become everyday actions and gestures”.

Image Credit: WOMSH

Their partner of choice, Frumat is a company that won the ‘Technology and Innovation’ prize at Green Carpet Fashion 2018. The startups innovation was key in the production of the vegan trainers, which are 50% apple fibre and 50% polyurethane. Bragging waterproof material and high-level breathability WOMSH has stated that their trainers can be “recycled and reused to make anti-slip and anti-fall flooring for playgrounds.”

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Available in two styles, the 100% cruelty-free line of footwear has also been made with natural cotton in the lining, a removable insole lined with natural microfibre and a sole made of rubber. Manufactured in Italy, please expect your order to be shipped to you within five working days if you reside in EU countries and seven days if you live in non-EU countries. Prices start from € 164.00.

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