Adidas Primeknit Bra, With Knitting Technology, Designed To Mirror The Female Body in Motion

Following up on Nike, who released their first Flyknit sports bra last month, adidas launches the new adidas Primeknit bra.

Last week, Adidas unveiled the Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX’ bra. Created with Primeknit, adidas’ revolutionary knitting technology, it offers the ultimate freedom of movement for female athletes to train with zero distraction.

Adidas Primeknit Bra
Image Credits: adidas

The adidas Primeknit bra Engineered for the Perfect Fit

Designed with a superior soft and absorbent nylon yarn that provides unparalleled comfort and cooling, the adidas Primeknit bra came about after years of research studying the female body in motion. It is this research by the adidas Advanced Concepts team that made it possible for them to fine-tune the exact amount of flexibility and support required, using this unique Primeknit knitting technology.

Adidas Primeknit Bra
Image Credits: adidas

On the Primeknit fashion technology Clair Wallace, Design Director of Advanced Concepts and Global Brands at adidas said: “What makes the Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX bra unique is that we built the infrastructure of the bra from the inside out, based on insights from our female athletes around needing support and comfort in equal measure. The knit construction of Primeknit allows the bra to mirror every movement, enabling female athletes to train without any distractions.”

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Co-created with adidas global network of female athletes, like LA dancer Mette Towley, who demonstrates the bra in motion in the campaign film, Wallace commented: “Women are no longer willing to sacrifice comfort and support during a performance, and they shouldn’t have to”. When it comes to their choice of hip hop dancer Towley, adidas stated that they chose her because she is an inspiration to the creators of Primeknit and represents the versatile needs the bra was created for.

The Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX bra, which launched alongside the Believe This Primeknit LUX Tight, is available now for purchase from adidas in-store and online.

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