Wired to Wear Exhibition: The Future of Wearable Technology Comes To Chicago

Museum of Science and Industry's exhibition explores how wearable technology is fueling innovation.

Last week we heard a whisper that the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) had opened an exhibition dedicated to the future of wearable technology. Taking place in 8,000 square foot space, ‘Wired to Wear’ allows attendees to experience cutting edge wearables first hand.

From jet packs to touchscreen tattoos, the next generation of wearable tech is in ‘Wired to Wear’ at the MSI. Image Credit: Chicago Tribune

Bringing Cutting-edge Technologies To The Forefront

It was with the help of fashion tech pioneers like Anina Net that MSI museum curators were able to understand what fashion technology is about and also know which key partners they needed to connect with, in the fast-moving tech space. “It was an honour to consult with MSI Chicago and contribute to this outstanding exhibition. I was very proud to connect them to leaders in the fashion and technology industries to showcase innovation. It is thrilling that we can launch our to-consumer products in the MSI Chicago store and online portal. Having our ReCharging Wallet in hot pink on display in the museum exhibition is an example of the future becoming a reality,” said Anina Net, CEO of 360Fashion Network.

Behnaz Farahi

On the project, which features fashion tech from brands, designers, engineers and artists across 15 countries, David Mosena, president and chief executive officer, MSI said: “Wearable technology has been steadily gaining momentum for years and is on the cusp of taking hold in mainstream society. We believe this is the absolute right time to show people the innovation underway and help our guests understand why their closet will look radically different in only a few years.” He continued: “We are thrilled to open Wired to Wear and are confident that the experience will redefine how people think about wearable technology and what it can become.”

Those planning to attend will have the opportunity to see work from celebrated artists and designers like Anouk Wipprecht, Behnaz Farahi, Melissa Coleman, Suzi Webster, Jordan Reeves, and Amy Winters, PhD. On being part of the project Lisa Lang, founder & CEO of ElektroCouture and ThePowerHouse, who is also participating in the exhibition, told FashNerd.com: “It’s important to show people how encompassing and inclusive wearable technology can be. While #MarleneGlows represents all that glitters and sparkles in the realm of fashion tech, there are limitless ways in which wearable technology can further advance medical devices, clothing, sports apparel, mobility and so much more.”

JB Spector. Image Credit: Museum of Science and Industry

Like the Wardrobe of the Future, a project that we partnered up with Munich Fabric Start’s KEYHOUSE on last September 2018, the key purpose of such presentations is to allow guests to touch, feel and even try on the technologies- an important element if we are to accelerate the adoption of wearables. So if you would like to attend Wired to Wear presented by BMO, it is worth noting that the exhibition will run from now through to May 2020.

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