Bellabeat Launches Time, A Hybrid Smartwatch With Stress Predicting Technology

Bellabeat launches Time, a smart hybrid watch that you can personalise to fit your style.

Bellabeat is one of those wearable companies that has stood the test of time- which in the wearable tech space is more than three years. Founded in 2014, the wellness-focused company has introduced the world to innovative products for women that have been designed to track their overall health and wellness throughout different stages in life. Bellabeat’s original Leaf distributed 400k devices and since then the company has launched various products. Most recently, Time, a hybrid wellness watch with stress predicting technology.

Tim silver smartwatch [Image credit: Bellabeat]

Time Smartwatch Brags Stylish Design and Smart-technology

Aimed at women who don’t want to compromise on style while tracking health and wellness, Time is the first fashion tech watch from Bellabeat. Powered by stress predicting algorithms and designed with independent quartz movement, Bellabeat’s Time has also been combined with a fitness tracker, which works by connecting wirelessly to the Bellabeat app to continuously track your health-related activity throughout the day.

“Time, offers a stylish, practical accessory as well as a durable health companion for women of all ages.”

Using Bellabeat’s unique stress-predicting algorithm, Time also helps monitor sleep, meditation and menstrual cycles to help improve the wearer’s overall well-being and predict and prepare them to tackle stressful situations. Available with easily controlled vibration reminders, Time also allows users to schedule updates to address periods of prolonged inactivity.

Time Rose gold smartwatch [Image credit: Bellabeat]
On their latest offering, Urska Srsen, co-founder and CCO of Bellabeat commented: “At Bellabeat we are aware of how stress can affect our lifestyle and well-being, with pressure to do better, be more active and look good. We are delighted to be expanding the Bellabeat ecosystem for women to use our product suite to guide their wellness journey. Our newest member, Time, offers a stylish, practical accessory as well as a durable health companion for women of all ages.”

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Practical and with water-resistant capabilities, Time is available in two colours, Silver and Rose Gold. It also comes with a range of strap accessories that you can choose from. The great thing about it being a hybrid is that it offers a six-month battery life, which means that there is no need to take your charger with you. Priced at £169.99, Time is available as of today from John Lewis, Selfridges, OutdoorGB and

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