TENGIVA, A Sustainably Driven Sourcing Platform Empowering Manufacturers & Fashion Designers

Textile industry matchmaker TENGIVA has found a new, simple way to source textile which helps manufacturers efficiently distribute and gives buyers increased access to great products.

Imagine, a world, where you as a designer could source from left-over, in-stock textiles worldwide. This is something that is being made possible by TENGIVA, a web marketplace platform that enables manufacturers to feature in-stock textile products while helping buyers find relevant quantities of what they need for sampling, research & development, designing, product development and sizing.

TENGIVA, Solving Two Major Industry Problems

Created in 2018 by Annie Cyr, a sourcing expert, textile specialist and fervent believer in innovation, TENGIVA caters to a design process that requires sourcing smaller quantities at specific stages of the creative process, and to manufacturers who end up with excess fabrics they’d love to sell to those who need them. According to Cyr, from a designer point of view, current sourcing realities tend to limit innovation, creativity and ultimately, consumer offerings in the textile and clothing industries. Encouraging a circular economy Annie explains: “We offer manufacturers a simple tool that increases visibility with relevant buyers, plus valuable logistics and marketing support. This allows them to distribute inventory while sustaining the exploratory and creative component of the design process. As a former buyer, who purchased over 4 million meters per year, and still had issues with sourcing, I can relate to this”.

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The Canada based company’s main objective is to help manufacturers improve their bottom line and efficiently distribute textile because “for several reasons manufacturers end up with inventory that could be relevant to buyers, in smaller quantities”, shares Annie. TENGIVA also gives buyers increased access to great products, without having to overspend. I like how the startup is challenging the textile sourcing status quo, by recognising consumer needs, technological trends and developing educational tools that revolutionise access to resources and information.

How It Works

Working with select textile manufacturers, TENGIVA features them on their inventory, a page designed to showcase their stock. On that page, they define available quantities and supply direct contact information for future production orders that they can process directly. “Through my consulting work in the sourcing industry, I recognised a need for deeper understanding of the products, plus the complications many buyers had with high minimum order amounts, that didn’t correspond to their needs,” confessed Annie. Now with TENGIVA, buyers can browse by textile type, and also consult educational content that will further their knowledge of the available products.

Favouring an easy, online exchange that empowers and supports sustainable industry growth Cyr remarked; “I’ve consulted with many key players in the industry, and we’re confident we can spearhead a major sourcing improvement. Empowering buyers and supporting suppliers so in-stock inventory circulates, makes sense. Add education to the blend, and we’ll not only help today’s buyers but support tomorrow’s textile innovators.”

TENGIVA will be opening its e-doors for textile buyers in December 2018.

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