OROS Changes the Landscape of Performance Apparel with Cutting Edge NASA Tech

The digitally native performance apparel brand has found a new solution in advancing apparel technology that answers the problem of how can we stay warm during the winter months.

Outerwear label OROS has taken a bold step towards science, to elevate the experience of adventurers. It is a step that has encouraged them to push the boundaries of modern materials and turn to proprietary aerogel technology, a NASA-inspired science.

Performance Apparel
OROS outdoor clothing brand, where science meets apparel [Image credit: OROS]

OROS’ Harnessing the Power of Aerogel

The versatile performance technology has allowed OROS to harness the power of Aerogel, NASA’s insulation breakthrough of performance. In doing so, the OROS team have created SOLARCORE- similar to the technology that insulates the modern spacecraft against the most extreme conditions.

” [We] create the most advanced outdoor apparel and technology, elevate experiences, and inspire people to rethink the realm of possibility.”

Thinner, warmer, and more versatile than ever, OROS’ activewear challenges the idea that bulk equals warmth. Their proprietary performance apparel technology delivers up to 70% more warmth and up to 200% less bulk when compared to traditional insulations like goose down. On the evolution of the brand, Michael Markesbery, CEO of OROS shared: “OROS is a brand that stands out from the pack and lives its mission– to create the most advanced outdoor apparel and technology, elevate experiences, and inspire people to rethink the realm of possibility.”

Performance Apparel That Makes the Future Feel Warmer

OROS’ new direction has attracted investors like Sonny Vu, Founder and Former CEO of Misfit Wearables, Eric Dobkin, a former partner at Goldman Sachs and NCT Ventures and Listen Ventures, a brand-focused venture capital firm out of Chicago, IL. It is a response that led to a $5 million financing round. “Oros has all the ingredients to be a brand of tomorrow. It’s rare you find a technical innovation team that builds a 10x consumer product. We’re looking forward to making the future feel warmer.” Rick Desai of Listen Ventures.

Performance Apparel
The Orion Parka, ‘the warmest jacket in the world’ [Image credit: OROS]
The brand’s new approach to outdoor apparel has produced a new line of thin and warm performance coats made up of the Orion Parka, OROS’ Flagship product, which they argue to be ‘the warmest jacket in the world’; and the Explorer 1⁄4 zip jacket, which was named Runner’s World Gear of the Year in 2017. Both styles are available now, for both men and women, at Orosapparel.com. You can pick from orange or black for the men, and navy and black for the women. Prices begin at $350.00.

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