Coffee Chain Launches A Revolutionary Reusable Cup With Wearable Chip Technology

Costa Coffee transforms a reusable cup into a smart payment device.

Implementing sustainability into your business strategy is not only something that is being adopted by the fashion industry, there are companies like Costa Coffee who are also attempting to make a change. Introducing The ‘Clever Cup’, the coffee chain hopes to entice customers to purchase their reusable cup which contains a payment chip in the silicone rubber base of the cup.

Costa Coffee ‘Clever Cup’ [Image credit: Costa]
Looking to offer their customers more than just the 25p discount that they get for using a reusable cup, Costa’s is throwing in convenience that comes in the shape of contactless payments. This is a great idea especially when you are in a hurry. Called the Clever Cup, it has been designed to deter people from using single-use paper cups which have been reported to be impossible to recycle because of their plastic lining.

“Today’s shoppers are looking for seamless and ‘to hand’ ways to pay.”

On sale at Costa Coffee, the technology in the cup can be used wherever customers see the contactless symbol. On the innovation, Jason Cotta, Managing Director at Costa Coffee said: “While we are committed to ensuring more takeaway coffee cups are recovered and recycled we also want to incentivise and reward customers who help reduce the number of takeaway cups being wasted.” Rob Morgan, Head of Sales and Partnerships, at Barclays added: “Today’s shoppers are looking for seamless and ‘to hand’ ways to pay”.

Costa Coffee ‘Clever Cup’ [Image credit: Costa]
Priced at £14.99, with a £1 donation from every sale going to The Costa Foundation, the Clever Cup, which comes in packaging made from recycled paper cups, will be available in the UK at the end of the month, November 2018.

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