Fossil’s Gen 4 Smartwatches Designed To Give Users A More 360-holistic Experience

Watch company Fossil Unveils Its Most Tech-Packed Touchscreen Smartwatch to Date

Another day, another smartwatch announcement. Today it is from Fossil. They have shared the news that its fourth generation of smartwatches under its Fossil Q line now brags new technology features.

One of the official Fossil 4th Gen Campaign Photos | Credit: Fossil

Founded more than 30 years ago, Fossil entered the smartwatch market to fill the growing desire for tech that was beautifully designed and could be personalised. This new generation is no different: it is packed with the unique design traits allowing users to customise from strap to dial. There are 36+ exclusive dials, from fashion-forward to novelty dials, and users can integrate an increasing number of third-party apps to their device experience, as well as set social media photos as watch face backgrounds. Fossil is continuing to design smartwatches as only Fossil can, with a vintage-inspired approach to modern technology that lets customers find a watch that perfectly suits their authentic selves.

“Since our entry into the smartwatch market, it has always been our priority to be nimble and adapt quickly to innovations-both in technology and design.”

“Since our entry into the smartwatch market, it has always been our priority to be nimble and adapt quickly to innovations-both in technology and design’” says Steve Evans, EVP of Fossil. “We know a lot of watch wearers have both a traditional watch and some activity tracker— by adding significant features regarding technology, without compromising our design standards, this new generation of smartwatch will provide consumers with one device that fits all of their needs. Ensuring the best possible experience for our customers has always been important, which drove the innovation of this product; we cannot wait to see the consumer response around the globe.’’

Called Fossil Q Venture HR and Fossil Q Explorist HR, the new and improved smartwatches have been designed to provide consumers with various tech functionalities that include Heart-Rate Tracking, NFC, Untethered GPS and a swim-proof feature that will allow users to track swim workouts without risk of damaging their smartwatch. I like the fact that the watches can charge within the hour and last for the entire day (based on usage). The new observations are also is now also part of a new generation of smartwatches that usher in more holistic user experience.

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Allowing users to “Make it Your Own,” the Fossil Q Venture HR and Fossil Q Explorist HR is powered with Wear OS by Google and has interchangeable straps and bracelets (Q Venture HR: 18mm / Q Explorist HR: 22mm). Retailing for $255-$275 this 4th generation watch is all about keeping true to the authentic creative spirit of being an innovative watch design that embodies all that Fossil stands for.

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