5 Startup Smartwatches Kicking Ass And Taking Names

The smartwatch space is not only being disrupted by Apple, there are smaller startups making their mark with innovative tech timepieces.

There is no denying that the world of smartwatches is firmly ruled by the one and only Apple, and the rest of us are just living in it. This fact has not prevented a few brave startups from bringing their own innovative wrist candy to our attention. Of these plucky inventors of the new timepiece, we have picked a few favourites that have successfully won over the support of the everyday(wo)man.

ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch


10668% funded on April 28, 2017, ZeTime is a hybrid smartwatch with ‘hands over’ screen. Designed in Switzerland, ZeTime is the perfect blend of classic design meets smart features. We appreciate how it combines mechanical hands with a full round color touchscreen. Its classic mechanical watch hands are powered by patented Smart Movement technology. With the ability to work up to 30 days on a single charge, ZeTime boasts a sleek 44mm stainless steel watch case. For those who prefer a smaller model, ZeTime Petite offers the same features, compatibility and finishings as ZeTime Regular, but in a compact 39mm watch case.
$6,052,517 USD total funds raised

MATRIX PowerWatch


Imagine a smartwatch you never have to charge. 939% funded on January 14, 2017, the MATRIX PowerWatch promises this. Powered by body heat, it runs off your warmth and when you take it off, your data is stored in the memory and it goes to sleep; put it back on and the watch turns back on right where you left it. When it comes to tech features, it measures calories burned, activity level, and sleep using their advanced thermoelectric technology. It is the only smartwatch to feature a power meter which displays how much electrical power you are generating.
$1,529,730 USD total funds raised


Ok it’s not a watch per say, but it is a smart strap that enables your smart or traditional watch to make calls by placing your fingertip on your ear. Sounds quite Jame Bond but Sgnl have managed to come with a way that enables you to answer phone calls through your fingertip. It works by receiving a voice signal from your phone through Bluetooth. When the voice signal is received, Sgnl will generate vibration through its Body Conduction Unit (BCU) which transmits the vibration through your hand to your fingertip. As transmission is made through vibrations, there is no risk of harm to the human body. In a nutshell, place your fingertip to your ear and the vibration will echo to create amplified sound within the closed space of your ear. The great thing is that, you can replace your existing (smart) watch strap with Sgnl and although the timepiece was 2938% funded back in October 2016, they are still working on getting their invention to their backers soon. 
$2,187,227 USD total funds raised

Smart Hour

Smart Hour is a minimalist smartwatch with fitness tracker capabilities
Described by its makers as an everyday smartwatch, Smart Hour is a water-resistant minimalist device that needs no charging. 552% funded on 12 May 2017, it tracks your steps, sleep, and you can receive phone notifications. Compatible with iOS and Android, other smart features include, an inactivity reminder, an ability to shake the watch so you can remotely take photos, data sharing and the perk of being able to sync it with Apple’s HealthKit.
$114,187 USD total funds raised

The Roxford

Roxford discreetly built a fitness tracker in the strap buckle.
The Roxford came about when three aerospace engineers got together and decided to create a hybrid watch for fashion lovers. Bragging a fitness tracker discreetly built within the strap buckle, the Roxford is a modern analog timepiece, with the ability to track the wearer’s daily fitness and sleep patterns. We love the subtle technology, that ensures that no one will actually realise that you’re wearing a fitness tracker. 127% funded on 30th June 2017, the smartwatch comes in 11 styles for both men and women and four interchangeable bands.
$65,980 USD total funds raised

Although there are some anti-smartwatch prophets of doom still feeling the need to predict its demise, I think that the smartwatch will only get better with time (no pun intended). Like the mobile phone, a time will soon come when we will be unable to imagine a moment when we did not have a smart ticker living on our wrist.

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