Just Announced, The Wardrobe of The Future, Coming September 2018

FashNerd and Munich Fabric Start Collaborative ‘Wardrobe of the Future’ to Launch September 2018

Yesterday we announced our upcoming launch of The Wardrobe of The Future in partnership with Munich Fabric Start, a leading textile trade show that has attracted exhibitors like Elektrocouture, FabLab Berlin, Pauline van Dongen, Sourcebook and Wear It Berlin.


Fashion has always been a hotbed for innovation, and this why ‘the wardrobe of the future’ has been something that I have wanted to do for a long while. I guess you could say that it has always been an ambition of mine to bring fashion technology to the masses, in the hopes of giving people a better understanding of how technology is being used as a tool by various fashion-forward labels and startups. So when Munich Fabric Start agreed to partner up on the project, we hit the ground running.

Set against the backdrop of the Munich Fabric Start’s KEYHOUSE, a fashion tech space that launched 30th August 2016, the walk-in wardrobe, which is currently being built, has been designed to provide a unique experience whilst introducing attendees to the kind of brands that have successfully merged fashion with technology.  We are working with a variety of brands including Emel + Aris, Wearable X, Thesis Couture, Pyrates and Lorna & Bel, to name a few.

The Wardrobe of The Future closes the loop from first prototypes and showcases to final consumer products presented at Keyhouse.” -CLAUDIA MYNOTT

On partnering up with FashNerd, Claudia Mynott Marketing and Communications Director of Munich Fabric Start said; “We are very excited to bring fashion technology at the Keyhouse to the next level – with real and perceptible ready-to-wear smart products. The Wardrobe of The Future closes the loop from first prototypes and showcases to final consumer products presented at Keyhouse. In close cooperation with FashNerd.com, we have managed to set up an impressive line-up of select smart brands that demonstrate the possibilities, advantages and the potential of fashion technology and our future wardrobes at a glance”.

Perflex 3D printed Bra

Never done before at the KEYHOUSE, the up close and personal experience of the curated collection will represent what the merger of fashion with technology has achieved thus far whilst giving attendees a glimpse of what could be in their wardrobe in the very near future.

On being part of the project, Wearable X Founder Billie Whitehouse said; “The wardrobe of the future will be about empowering the human experience not just through personalisation but also through technologies that surprise and delight. Unlike technology, there is no “one ring to rule them all” in fashion, it is the coordination and curation of tones, colours, textures, shapes and silhouettes that allows the wearer to play with their experience. Now for the first time, this will include technology that helps you feel.”

If you are ready to step into the wardrobe at Munich Fabric Start in Munich, Germany, make sure you pencil in the 4th September 2018 to the 6th September 2018.

More brands to be announced soon.

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