No Wire. No Toxins. No Waste. Could The Very Good Bra Be The Most Sustainable Underwear?

Zero waste is the new black!

Did you know that the average woman owns nine bras? With around 2 billion women on the planet, that’s 18 billion bras headed for the landfill! Trying to tackle this rather big problem is Australian Stephanie Devine founder of The Very Good Bra.

We first read about this innovative idea on Eco Warrior Princess blog. Intrigued, we looked into it a little further, and found out that this super stylish, super comfy lingerie range is “so clean it can be buried in the garden at the end of its life!” Can you imagine not having to choose every day between style and comfort, while also knowing you are buying products with no carbon footprint?

“[The Good Bra] is so clean it can be buried in the garden at the end of its life!”

To make this happen, Stephanie, scoured the world for zero waste elastic made from sustainably farmed rubber trees and organic cotton, for organic sewing thread, organic inks, utterly compostable packaging, and the cleanest and most sustainably produced Tencel. The manufacturing of the world’s first zero-waste lingerie could mean that it won’t be long before we all own underwear that leaves no carbon footprint.

With all the materials sourced, prototypes produced, bras washed and worn for six months to fine-tune fit and support, The Very Good Bra will be running their first production run in early August 2018. If you would like to pledge your support, it will set you back $85.00 (AUS) for just the bra, or you can grab a matching set of bra and undies for $100.00 (AUS). Expected delivery will be October 2018.

Stephanie Devine founder of The Very Good Bra.

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So far the Very Good Bra has already raised £26,655 of their £11,422 goal thanks to 424 backers. If you would like your very own perfect bra with the ability to break down in nature leaving no toxicity, you have 10 days left before the campaign ends. 

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