Bloom Bra’s Convergence of Science, Technology and Fashion Disrupting An Industry

In an industry that lacks innovation, Bloom Bras has designed a brassiere with state-of-the-art compression materials that serve as your "helping hands".

Did you know that the body changes on average 10% throughout the month? For larger breasts, that could be a full cup size. What is a woman to do? Well, there is Bloom Bras, underwear that promises to lift not squish our beloved bosom. Founded by San Francisco based Elyse Kaye, the company has been successfully bewitching women since 2016.

Bloom Bra

Designing A Bra For The Evolving Female Population

Capable of distributing weight throughout the back and sides rather than putting pressure on the shoulders and across the ribs, the startup’s comfortable and supportive bra has been built not to feel like you are wearing a suit of armour. “I’m a runner, dancer, yoga instructor and reformed corporate executive. I have purchased every sports bra on the market in my size. When I ran my first half marathon, I wore an underwire bra under a sports bra to get the support I needed. There was no skin left on my back from the hooks digging in and on the front from the underwire. I wanted to develop a sports bra that real fit women like me,” shared Elyse.

Developed by an all-star team, the bra adjusts to your body and works like a shelf to lift the breasts rather than squashing them. This has been made possible due to the patented lifting strap and cinching cups that have been designed to make you look and feel good. “The bra is truly a convergence of science, technology and fashion. This is an industry that has lacked innovation. Bloom Bras will continue to provide solutions that are healthy, comfortable and designed for the evolving female population”, said the founder. What I love most about the Bloom Bra is how it has been designed without the harmful underwire- which is one of my biggest pet peeves. Instead, the Bloom Bra has a state-of-the-art compression materials that serve as your “helping hands”.

Key features include a patented lift strap that is customised to your body and needs, a cup adjuster that works like a corset by cinching to your size, and a wicking mesh back that allows for comfort and breathability. Other features worthy of a mention are the zipper and adjusters located at the front for easy access and a system designed to distribute weight evenly throughout the back taking the pressure off of your shoulders.

Allowing for natural movement of the breast and uninterrupted circulation of the body’s essential systems, the Bloom Bras supports a 30D – 44K including maternity. Priced $79.99 and available in black, you can select your size 1-9 using their bra fitting guide. If the bra is not your style, then you can always donate. Elyse has set up a way to pay homage to her grandmother who she lost to breast cancer, by allowing customers to donate a bra designed for women who have gone through non-elective reconstructive surgery.

When it comes to looking to the future Elyse told Huffington Post, “Using our patented adjustable lifting system, we will be developing sleep shirts, athletic tops, and more. I am not building a company to sell, but hoping to disrupt an entire industry that should be all about empowering women. By incorporating tech into space, I have no doubt Bloom Bras will thrive.”


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