Unlock Your Fitness Potential with RUNVI, A Running Lab In Your Shoes

NWTNLabs introduces smart insoles with the ability to provide real measurement using sensors and AI launched through a Kickstarter.

Performance wearables company, NWTNLabs, announced today the launch of RUNVI, smart insoles that provide real measurement to help health and fitness lovers achieve their goals more efficiently.

RunviFeaturing accurate power and performance measurement, RUNVI also offers real-time coaching and dynamic training plans. “With our leading-edge sensor and AI technology, we’re working on connected health and fitness products for everyday use, helping everyone achieve their health and fitness goals more efficiently,” said Christoph v. Brockhusen, founder and CEO of NWTN-Labs, a start-up in a fast-growing category of connected health and fitness products.

Developed by a business that combines cutting-edge sensor technology with motivating mobile experiences, RUNVI is a wearable tech device dedicated to helping people reach their health and fitness goals. Weighing 100 Gramm, it has successfully combined training science and leading-edge sensor and AI technology, which means that you are able to build a full biomechanics profile that will personalise your training experiences.

The Power Of RUNVI

Made of PU, water resistant, breathable material, the smart insole is unlike other health and fitness wearables because RUNVI doesn’t include visible clip-pons or bulky gadgets which can complicate and compromise performance. All features have been expertly designed to fit into sleek and stylish smart insoles that fit neatly into regular running shoes and trainers.


When it comes to running techniques and overall performance, RUNVI can be measured and analysed to every last detail using important running metrics. This is thanks to RUNVI’s AI technology that measures and examines data during runs, as well as provides motivational and personalised voice and audio coaching in real-time. Like a personal trainer, the real-time coach will warn users when they’re risking injury or fatigue, or if a technique isn’t optimal. It is this continuous measurement and guide that will provide you with not only effective training, but it will also help you control your pace on any terrain or distance, allowing training to carry on for longer.

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Personally, we love how RUNVI, allows us to set our personal goals and that the more we use it, the smarter it gets. This means it uses my data from individual running techniques, and historical and real-time performances, to ensure that my training plans are dynamic and continuously optimised. Design-wise, I think that it is excellent that the smart insoles can be replaced while keeping the ergonomic, minimalistic and stylish design.

Working alongside the RUNVI’s mobile application, you can sync it to your iPhone and/or Apple Watch. This means that Apple users can integrate it with the HealthKit and choose to share data with their community. The app recognises and tracks activities such as walking, running, standing, sitting, stairs and cycling – catering for all manner of health and fitness lovers. Also, once paired with a mobile device, you can track your route using GPS, as well as monitor distance, speed, time, altitude and provide educational content and coaching videos, known as Running Academy.

Backed by ambassadors that include former Puma CEO Franz Koch and former Olympic Runner Jonas Plass, Brockhusen admitted, “We want to bring leading wearable technology to the masses, and we’re excited to launch our RUNVI Kickstarter campaign.” You can pledge your interest through their Kickstarter campaign. Delivery is expected in Autumn 2018.

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