Parley x Corona Collaborate To Find Eco-innovative Approaches To Marine Plastic Pollution

Together, Corona and Parley for the Oceans are taking a stand against marine plastic pollution.

Oceans around the world are drowning in plastic. It’s washing up on our beaches, and it’s working its way into our food chain.  For every metre of coastline in the world, there are 16 grocery bags full of trash entering the sea each year, and that is mainly because 85% of the plastic produced worldwide isn’t recycled, and therefore much of it ends up in the oceans.

Image Credit: Parley x Corona

To tackle this global problem, we have written quite a bit about various collaborations that have acted as symbols of change. The most recent is between Parley for the Oceans, a company that retrieves plastic waste from the coast of Africa to make into thread, and beer giant Corona.  Together they are working to find a way to take a stand against marine plastic pollution.

Image Credit: Parley x Corona

Working together to “help protect paradise”, Parley and Corona are implementing the Parley AIR Strategy to tackle the problem on all fronts. Taking an eco-innovative approach like the upcycling of collected plastic debris, the two companies have introduced a limited edition Paradise Shirt. Hoping to bring further attention to the plastic pollution endangering the environment, they are selling a Hawaiian shirt made from recycled ocean plastic for $70.00. Available in 3 designs, you can grab the unisex shirt in either a small, medium, large or extra large.

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