Attention Fashion Designers, Create Smart Jewellery Without The Need To Code Or Solder

A collaboration between Totwoo and 360Fashion has made it easier to create jewellery that has the same smart qualities of a wearable device.

Maker kits have been a thing for a while, especially with the growth of the DIY wearable tech community. With so much going on, we recently heard about the latest plug-and-play jewellery tech maker kit by China’s smart jewellery brand Totwoo and fashion tech company 360Fashion Network.

Smart Jewellery
The Make Kit | Image Credit: Totwoo/ 360Fashion Network

When Totwoo Met 360Fashion

With a common goal to make technology accessible, they hope to act as the bridge that brings wearable tech DIY kits to the fashion industry. Targeting jewellery designers and those interested in “making stuff”, they have made it easier to create pieces of smart jewellery using Totwoo Inside intelligent core 2.0 and without the need to code or solder.

“This kit allows creatives to focus on design and integration as their first step into fashion tech.”

Wang Jieming, who founded Beijing-based Totwoo with Italian designer Marco Dal Maso in 2015 said, “Smart jewellery should not work purely as a high-tech gadget or a fitness tracker, but also as an aesthetic way to create emotional connections and interactive experiences.” Dal Maso adds, “What we are doing here is developing jewellery into a new concept, keeping the beauty, keeping the art with a soul (of wearable technology) inside.” 

Smart Jewellery
Image Credit: Totwoo/ 360Fashion Network

The piece that we love is the Love Bloom. It is a gold foil pendant inlaid with Swarovski crystals. It can send health reminders like “hydrate yourself”. Another piece worth mentioning is one that integrates AI and AR into the jewellery. Known as “virtual human technology”, it is still in development. On why she developed the Maker Kit, founder of 360 Fashion Network Anina Net shared; “Empowering fashion designers with solid technology is the mission of 360Fashion Network. This kit allows creatives to focus on design and integration as their first step into fashion tech.”

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When it comes to the ins and outs of the kit, the smart core module is 5mm thick with a collection of advanced technologies from touch sensors, a tri-axial accelerometer and waterproof technology, with certified wireless charging technology similar to what Apple uses. The kit includes smart core, 3D files, a 3D printed base and a charger.

Available online from Queen of RAW, an independent designer destination for innovative and sustainable fabrics, the price of the kit is yet to be confirmed.

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