The Kalevala Smart Ring Designed With No Compromise On Functionality Nor Accuracy

Kalevala Jewellery launches their first smart ring collection, developed in cooperation with Moodmetric.

Finnish brand Kalevala has launched its first ever Smart Ring. Working closely with Moodtmetric, the startup that introduced us to a ring that can detect stress levels by measuring electrodermal activity back in 2013, Kalevala Jewellery describe their new wearable device as “a perfect fit of form and technology”.

Smart Ring
The smart ring is available in 3 designs

Kalevala Jewelry first announced their co-operation with Moodmetric on 30th November 2016 and they showcased their prototype at Slush, Investing in Health event. Slush is a startup and tech event, organized annually in Helsinki, Finland. Run by Kalevala Innovation Lab, the project is a new experimental hatchery nested inside Kalevala Jewellery. Kalevala Innovation Lab develops and tests new functional jewellery and services that assist people in their everyday lives.

Manufacturing all its jewellery in Finland, the brand’s products are made of materials that have originated in Finland. The company markets high-quality gold, silver and bronze jewellery, and owns two high-level consumer brands: Kalevala Jewellery and Lapponia Jewellery.

Fully owned by Finnish Kalevala Women´s Association, the Kalevala smart ring is embedded with Moodmetric measurement unit and works identically to the existing Moodmetric ring and also connects to the same Moodmetric app. It is a partnership that focuses on finding exciting and beautiful designs for the ring, making it appealing and encouraging for users to manage their wellbeing in different situations.

The smart ring is available in 3 designs. The chosen designs were chosen by Kalevala Jewellery customers, who some months ago to voted which 3 out of 21 potential designs they would prefer. The smart rings will be available at Kalevala Koru shops in Helsinki, as well as at their webshop from the 14th of May 2018 onwards.

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