Everyone’s Talking About Jasna Rok Right Now, And Here Is Why.

Jasna Rok opens us to a whole new world of possibilities.

If anyone is making the merger of fashion with technology look cool, it is Jasna Rokegem. Since 2012, when her name was first whispered on Wired.com following a collaboration with the University of Cambridge on the ‘Opal Polymer effect’ (smart textile), the 20 something Belguim native, has been busily making a name for herself.

Photo Credit: Jasna Rok

Hot property, and rightly so, Jasna Rok is all about translating fashion technology and tech haute couture into the high-tech ready to wear of tomorrow. The FashNerd ambassador launched Jasna Rok, the first fashion tech design studio in Belgium, back in January 2016, at just 23 years of age and since then she has not stopped. In a few short years, she has achieved a lot. Some of her career highlights have included being nominated for Global Entrepreneurship 2017 on GES India, nominated Women Leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by the US embassy, working as Artist in Residence at Nokia Bell Labs, an Expert for Deutsche Telekom and mentor for the Fashion Fusion ‘17 contest to name just a few.

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Rocking an impressive fanbase, the forward-thinking innovator’s most recent work involves Professor Koen Kas. Together they are presenting the very first edition of AND & Leuven, a joint keynote presentation that focuses on the impact of health, technology and creativity in the future. Want to see how they envision fashion tech as an interface for the healthcare industry? Then press play for a sneak preview:

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