Jasna Rok, Future-Proofing And Challenging The Fashion Tech Industry.

Translating fashion and technology haute couture into the high-tech prêt-à-porter of tomorrow, Jasna Rok is all about the magic of technology.

We find ourselves having a fashion tech crush on the brilliant and talented Jasna Rok, who recently exhibited at #FASHIONTECH Berlin. Drawn to her pioneering work, we appreciate how she combines innovative fashion and cutting edge technology in her own unique way. All about the clothing of the future, Jasna uses different techniques such as virtual and augmented reality to explore her vision.

Jasna Rok
Jasna Rok

Jasna Rok, Visionary Yet Pragmatic

From her fashion tech studio in Belgium, the 23 year old not only explores endless possibilities of technology and science, but she also forces us to rethink clothing, textiles, and the fashion industry as a whole. With a visionary yet pragmatic outlook on the role of fashion tech in our daily lives, she has been successfully implementing the latest research and technology in the field of wearables, sensors, robotics, and electronics.

Jasna Rok
Jasna Rok Exaltation

What we love most about Jasna’s work is how she continues to build the bridge the gap between technological innovation and wearable future fashion. With every project she works on, she proves that fashion is more than a gadget, it is about blended innovation, future-proofing and challenging the industry.

Designing for the Future

With a modern view of wearable technology, smart textiles and innovative data visualization, the project that got our attention was Fashion on Brainwaves. It explored the connection between fashion and brain technology. The silhouettes are a primitive prototype to expose the procedures of the brain and how emotions can be presented in a fashion design. This morphing fashion is a second skin (of the brain) and a way to investigate the new aesthetics and beauty ideals (an extension of cosmetic surgery) applied to fashion and self-expressions, which could lead to a new way of communicating.

Jasna Rok

Fashion on Brainwaves’ was part of Jasna Rokegem’s graduation project under the supervision of e-textile designer ContreChoc. Her research earned her the second place in the Bachelors Awards. Searching for new ways to showcase innovative fashion ‘Fashion on Brainwaves’ has been featured in three fashion films, and has been transformed into both a Virtual Reality experience and a hologram. We believe that it is the kind of collection that can inspire people.

All About The Future

Translating the merger of fashion and technology from haute couture into the high-tech prêt-à-porter of tomorrow, Jasna uses smart textiles and personalised digital prints to create branded, unique and made-to-measure collections.

Constantly developing innovative and conceptual insights on the cutting edge of fashion and technology, Jasna has managed to bring these revolutionary ideas to life in our own disruptive design collections. Using robotics, electronics, smart textiles, 2D, 3D and virtual reality to make it happen, Jasna shows us the magic of technology, and how it can be combined with the beauty of design.

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