The Motiv Ring, Striving To Improve User Experiences

The sleek little fitness ring will now rock Android and Alexa support

If you have been unable to enjoy the sleek, ultralight Motiv ring because you are an Android user rather than an iOS then we have some good news for you. After releasing the update of the Motiv App which gave the wearer the ability to export data to the Apple Health app earlier last month, the shrunken fitness tracker has just announced an Open Beta program that will allow users with Android phones to purchase the Motiv Ring. Alongside some new Amazon Echo’s Alexa integration.

The Motiv Ring ready to dip, fully waterproof, up to 165 feet (5 ATMs).

Smart Ring Wrappes 3 Day Battery Life Around Your Finger

The first company to fit an optical heart rate sensor in a ring this size, the Motiv ring is a patented flexible circuit board and battery wrap around your finger. Designed without the  need to be tethered to your phone, the smart ring is capable of tracking activity, sleep and heart rate. Available in slate grey and rose gold, Motiv has two days of onboard memory storage without syncing, about three days of battery life, and the relatively fashionable wearable will automatically sync your data with your phone when you get home.

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Although the Android Open Beta Launch is exciting news, there are a few restrictions. Not all mobile phones are compatible with their current Android app. For those that have compatible phones, the app will not have all of the features currently available to iOS users, but the team at Motiv is looking to add more functions to the smart ring device throughout the year.
Smart Ring
This fashinable wearable is gaining Alexa compatibility which makes it possible for its wearers to ask Amazon’s AI assistant Alexa to check their heart rate while more biometrics are to be expected later this year.

Durable and waterproof, it was also announced that not only is the Motiv ring now available for purchase on Amazon, it has also been integrated with Amazon Alexa. This means that users can now ask Alexa about their status and performance through Alexa-enabled devices. Motiv Ring users will also be able to say, “Alexa, Ask Motiv Ring”, followed by what you are asking for, such as ‘what is my heart rate’ or ‘when did my ring last sync’ to access their data from the Motiv App. The smart ring company will also be partnering with b8ta, a US retail chain that allows shoppers to see the latest and most excellent technology first hand. An actual Motiv Android release date is yet to be announced. The Motiv ring price is $200.

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