Could Emglare’s Smart Clothing With Wireless Charging Make Wearables Redundant?

Emglare is on a mission to help people discover their heart problems and draw attention to them with their smart clothes with built-in ECG and heart rate measurement.

Emglare is a smart clothing brand that might have the kind of embedded sensors that could make wearables redundant. Designed with the ability to monitor ECG and heartbeat, the garments have the ability to directly communicate with the mobile phone application, which brings an entirely new look to clothing as we know it.


This month, technology startup Emglare introduces the first product designed for athletes and people who want to monitor their health. “Our goal is to create the best smart clothes in the world that are not only super smart but mainly comfortable and suitable for everyday wearing,” said Jiří Pastor, CEO and founder of Emglare. “Our products are developed by a group of specialists from different disciplines – healthcare, informatics and fashion industry.” With the ability to recharge directly with a wireless charger, Emglare’s smart garments are considered to be the first type of clothing that can do this.

“Our goal is to create the best smart clothes in the world that are not only super smart but mainly comfortable and suitable for everyday wearing.”

Founded in 2012, Emglare is a technology startup that was set up by a group of engineers. Initially based in the heart of Europe, they are now located in California, in the United States. Their first commercial product was the Emglare Heart mobile application. Most recently they introduced us to a product designed to monitor your current health condition and also predict future health status. The garments, which are produced in the Czech Republic, advise you on how to stay fit and increase longevity. The best product feature has to be how easy it is to transfer your data into the mobile application making it immediately available to you.

Emglare Collection

Available for both men (undershirt and a sports t-shirt) and women (sports and regular bra), Emglare health monitoring products are natural, comfortable and suitable for daily use. Created with a number of components and technological solutions designed exclusively for Emglare, you can pre-order their smart products at a discount when their Kickstarter campaign launches soon.

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