Science of Apparel, Engineering Fibers With Style And Sustainability

Affordable and green, Science of Apparel have engineered fibres with style and sustainability in mind.

I recently discovered NY based startup Science of Apparel. Located in SoHo, I love how the company is setting a new standard. Combining performance and sustainability, founders Roberto Crivello, the creative, and Aydin Karavelioglu, the scientist, are changing the fashion industry by approaching it with smart science.

Science of Apparel

Believing that clothing shouldn’t be toxic and sustainability shouldn’t be expensive, Science of Apparel have found a way of engineering clothes with Earth-friendly textiles. The non-binary collection was designed by science. The startup had a purpose, to engineer products that perform better than traditional brands and also protect the environment. They have managed to do this with each garment by integrating the textiles with innovative technologies like clean tech, which is when silver ions are used to prevent odour and fluorocarbon polymers that tackle stain resistance.

“[Science of Apparel] believe that clothing shouldn’t be toxic and sustainability shouldn’t be expensive”

When it comes to manufacturing, Science of Apparel has taken a different route to the big name performance apparel brands who use petroleum-based fabrics.  “That’s oil consumed and wasted. We use only natural, organic or recycled fibres”, said the founders. Their practices reject the outdated manufacturing practices and instead they use state of the art facilities that are capable of using 75% less water and save 1.71 gallons of H2O for every shirt we produce. “For me, it’s troubling how much water is wasted in traditional manufacturing + consumer use. It’s unacceptable. We created a brand to address that. Our manufacturing uses 75% less water than traditional brands”, added the entrepreneurs.


Enhanced for the way you live, other scientific features include anti-radiation inspired By Aerospace + Medical Technology, 4Way Stretch that is thanks to a sustainably sourced lycra and Dri-Touch which absorbs moisture and lets fresh air in. The Science of Apparel’s USP has to be their Galileo Tee which is  “guaranteed for life”. Created with technologically advanced natural fibres and integrated enhancements, the tee has been designed to last a lifetime. “If it tears, wears down, or falls anywhere short of that call us and we’ll send you a new one. No questions asked”, promises the startup on their website.

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