Plastic Whale Circular Furniture, Turning Plastic Waste Into New Furniture

Plastic Whale and Vepa, Helping make Amsterdam’s canals plastic-free.

With 8 billion kilos of plastic waste predicted to enter the world’s rivers, lakes and oceans in 2018, ‘plastic soup’ is a growing global problem. Hoping to provide a solution, Plastic Whale and Vepa have joined forces to produce Plastic Whale Circular Furniture. Launched on the 22nd of February 2018, the high-end office furniture is made from Amsterdam Canal Plastic.

Plastic Whale
Plastic Whale team

Collecting plastic on from the canals in Amsterdam, the two companies are solving the plastic problem in a fun way. They involve the general public and companies too. Once collected Plastic Whale and Vepa’s collection consist of a boardroom table, a chair, lamps and acoustic wall panels. Part of the proceeds is invested in local initiatives across the world that tackle the plastic soup problem. “We started in Amsterdam, but we want to go global. There are many ways in which you can contribute to the solution: come plastic fishing with us, spread the word, create your cool product, support our school programme. Just hop on board”, states their site.

Plastic Whale
Circular furniture made from PET bottles.

Following the full principles of circular production and design, Plastic Whale also uses other ‘waste streams’ at Vepa’s factory beside the plastic from Amsterdam canals. This includes recycled steel for the chairs and residual fabrics for the chair’s cushioning. Nothing goes to waste. At the end of its life cycle, they take back the product, pay you for it, because and reuse the raw material to make a new product.

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